Understanding Your Cravings

Understanding Your Cravings

Understanding Cravings

Poor Insulin Management is the reason our blood sugar levels drop, which causes us to crave certain foods.

Many people experience cravings for sweet foods, particularly at the beginning of a diet. Two major causes of a drop in blood sugar levels, which cause cravings.

When Insulin production is over stimulated by eating too much carbohydrates, the excessive insulin forces down blood sugar levels. Hunger can also cause cravings, because a drop in sugar levels signal the brain that the body needs refuelling. Because we eat too many carbohydrates, we are overfed but starved. Our brain signals for refuelling, because blood sugar levels dropped, and that is only because we ate too many carbohydrates which over stimulates insulin production.


What can I Do?

1. Control blood sugar levels

Not eating enough throughout the day, skipping meals (particularly breakfast) or going for long periods without eating causes a drop in blood sugar levels and causes us to crave sweet things.
(This can also happen at certain times in our menstrual cycle, due to a drop in hormone levels).

Follow the FREE Manna Low GI Menu Plans and try to eat at least every 2 to 3 hours.

Note: You need to use the Manna Tablets with each meal, to reduce the GI of any carbohydrates you eat.

2. Avoid refined foods

Refined, highly processed foods are loaded with sugar, salt and white flour. Foods like chocolate, candy, cookies, pastries, cake, sodas and products made with white flour should be avoided.

White rice, pasta and white bread should be replaced with whole wheat bread, brown rice, basmati rice, oats, barley, rye, whole wheat pasta, beans and pulses.

These foods produce a slow release of energy because it takes time for them to be digested. This helps to keep blood sugar levels constant and controls cravings.

3. Reduce stimulants

Stimulants, like sugar, tobacco, caffeine in tea, coffee, chocolate and caffeinated soft drinks can cause a fast rise in blood sugar followed by a fast drop, a perfect recipe for cravings. Avoid them whenever possible.

Instead, drink herbal teas, soda water, and fruit juice diluted half and half with water or soda. Rather eat nuts or some of the snacks suggested on the Manna Low GI menu plan as well as on the GI Snack tables.

4. If you have a really big craving problem

Start with the 7 Day Damage Control Program in the free Diet eBook.

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