GL GI Principal

GL GI Principal

Glycemic Index (GI) & Glycemic Load (GL) Explained


What is the Glycemic Index (GI)?

The GI value of food is a value that expresses to what extent a portion of a given food will increase the blood sugar levels of an individual as composed to an equivalent portion of white bread or sugar (the standard).


What is the difference between high GI and low GI?

Foods with a low GI will not cause exaggerated increases in blood sugar and insulin levels and not contribute to insulin resistance or diabetes, and will be less fattening if eaten in moderation. (See low GL).

Foods with a GI of over 70 are considered high GI, while food with a value between 56 and 70 are considered to have an intermediate GI.

These foods give you the essential energy needed when you need a quick boost to perform at your best, e.g. sport. But beware of high GI food that also have a high fat content, like hot chips, biscuits, doughnuts, toasted sandwiches and muffins.Rather opt for foods like instant noodles, bread, potatoes and rice cakes when you need energy quickly.Low GI foods have a value of 55 and lower. These result in a small rise in blood glucose levels and then a slow and steady release of glucose over a period of up to three hours. The slow release of glucose keeps a person feeling full for much longer, ultimately reducing the amount of food consumed.


What is the Glycemic Load (GL) and why is it important?

There are some clear examples of why it’s not a good idea to rely on GI alone. For instance, carrots have a similar GI to some jams, but you have to eat dozens of carrots for them to have a significant effect on your blood sugar levels, while even a spoonful of jam would give you a blood sugar spike almost immediately.

Examples such as these have led to much discussion about the value of using GI by itself.

The Glycaemic load goes a step further by considering the amount of carbohydrates an individual is actually likely to eat.

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