How Diabetes Damages The Skin

How Diabetes Damages The Skin

Most diabetes symptoms are not visible.


That is why skin complications can often be one of the first clear indications that diabetes is present.

We are not saying it is always the first symptom of diabetes, it is often the first one that we notice.
While we may not recognize constant thirst, constant urination, and constant fatigue as signs of diabetes, they are usually the first to make an appearance. But as soon as we can see or feel problems appearing on the skin, then it becomes a different story


How can we identify diabetic skin problems?

While many skin problems do not strictly occur among diabetes, diabetics are much more prone to develop them. There are different types of skin problems that can all be avoided and treated by the same process: Balancing the blood sugar levels.


Let’s have a look at the different types of skin problems that are often associated with diabetes

  1. Bacterial Infections

As the name suggests, these are skin conditions that are due to bacteria. Different kinds of bacterial infections can occur in people with diabetes, for example:

      • Styes, which are infections on and around the glands of the eyelid.
      • Boils
      • Folliculitis Infections of the hair follicles.
      • Carbuncles, which are infections of the skin and the tissue underneath it.
      • Infections around and underneath the nails
      • Inflamed tissues. It is usually hot, swollen, red, and painful.

People with diabetes are more prone to bacterial infections than other people, but a good skin care routine and managing the blood sugar levels with Manna Blood Sugar Support can make a world of difference.

  1. Fungal Infections

Once again, the name says a lot about what causes these infections. Fungal infections are often caused by something called Candida albicans, which is a yeast-like fungus that can cause itchy rashes surrounded by tiny blisters and scales. These infections usually occur in warm, moist folds of the skin. Problem areas are under the breasts, around the finger and toenails, in the corners of the mouth, under the foreskin (in uncircumcised men), and in the armpits and groin. Common fungal infections include:

      • Jock itch
      • Athletes foot
      • Ringworm (a ring-shaped itchy patch)
      • Vaginal infection that causes itching
  1. Itching

Constant itching in specific areas is often caused by diabetes. Causes can be yeast infections, dry skin, or poor blood circulation (Usually found on the legs). Managing or treating itching can be done by:

      • Limiting how often you bathe, especially when the humidity is low. Many people make the mistake of thinking they should bathe or shower more often when they are constantly itching but that is a big mistake!
      • Use mild, unscented, natural soap with moisturizer instead of the ones with perfume or chemicals.
      • Apply skin cream after bathing.

Itching can become very annoying; thus, it is best to stop it in its tracks by treating the root cause of the problem Unbalanced Blood Sugar Levels and diabetes. Make sure that your blood sugar stays balanced with the Manna Blood Sugar Support.

  1. Diabetic-Only Skin Problems

The risk of developing the above-mentioned problems is higher in people with diabetes than in those without diabetes, but there are also certain skin problems that are only present in people with diabetes. These problems are:

      • Diabetic dermopathy
      • Necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum
      • Diabetic blisters
      • Eruptive xanthomatosis


Manna Blood Sugar Support for Diabetes

The Manna Blood Sugar Support is the ultimate natural supplement to control your blood sugar levels and make the prevention or treatment of diabetic neuropathy much more effective. It does this by stabilizing your blood sugar levels and cutting the problem off at its roots.


How does the Manna Blood Sugar Support work?

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The Manna Blood Sugar Support is an all-natural health supplement made from the pods of the Prosopis (Mesquite) tree, which means that it does not have any negative side effects like many chemical alternatives have.
It also offers you other benefits like sustained energy due to the slow release of sugar into the body, and it helps to eliminate cravings if you might be looking to lose weight. Another thing to do when trying to get your blood sugar levels stable is to stop fighting the incredible effects of the Manna Blood Sugar Support by eating things that are constantly trying to shoot up your blood sugar levels. Follow a healthy diet like the one found in the Manna Diet e-book.

However, if you do decide to be a bit naughty and have an unhealthy takeaway or a chocolate every once in a while, take a Manna Blood Sugar Support tablet or two with it, and it will help keep the blood sugar spike under a bit more control.
That is why the Manna Blood Sugar Support really is a No-Brainer product for anybody and everybody.


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