Manna Low GI Shake 600g


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600g Organic and Natural, High in Fibre, Low GI, Meal Replacement, Diabetic Friendly.


Manna Low GI Strawberry Shake

The Manna Low GI Shake is the healthiest Shake on the South African market. A perfect meal in a glass, which can help you to curb food and sugar cravings, suppress appetite and control blood sugar levels. Also, one shake with water contains only 99 Calories and a Shake with full cream milk contains only 250 Calories, helping to lower your daily calorie intake for effective and healthy weight loss, without going hungry.

Advantages of the Manna Shake:

  • Organic & Natural.
  • High in fibre.
  • Low GI.
  • Helps to Control Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Stop Cravings.
  • High Enough Nutritional Value, when taken with non-fat milk, to be regarded as a Meal Replacement.
  • Provides Energy, without Fattening.
  • The only shakes which contain Essential Sugars (“Glyco-Nutrients”).
  • Cholesterol Free.

The Shakes are suitable for:

  • Diabetics.
  • Pregnant and lactating women.
  • Children of all ages.
  • Vegetarians.
  • Excellent for Sportsmen.
  • Fantastic for Weight Management.

Dosage & Directions

Add 1 level measuring scoop (±32g) of Manna Shake powder in a shaker or blender with a cup (250ml) of non-fat or skimmed milk, almond milk or oat milk.
Use Manna Shake to replace 1 to 2 meals per day and you will see the results after day 1.

Pack Size:


The Manna Low GI Shake is available at:available atManna Low GI Shake

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Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

54 reviews for Manna Low GI Shake 600g

Based on 54 reviews
  1. AL

    Anri L. (Verified Owner)

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  2. A

    Anonymous (Verified Owner)

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  3. HT

    Hesteline Thomas (Verified Owner)

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  4. CS

    Chris Starke (Verified Owner)

    Not the best flavor. I will try chocolate next.

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  5. V

    Verna (Verified Owner)

    I love my shakes and it keeps me full – sometimes I add fruit even Oats or Chia seeds – also delicious on its own!

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  6. VB

    Verified Buyer (Verified Owner)

    Goeie shake dit is net bietjie klein en dit hou my nie lank maar ek is nie spyt hou my ook voller love love
    Maar elkeen verskil

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  7. LL

    Liezel Lingervelder

    Strawberry shake I mix with 3 tbs yogurt and some coffee tastes delicious. The vanilla I mix with 3tbs yogurt or with coffee.
    Can’t say if helping with weight loss as I was on hormone tablet which I stopped and got the Manna Menopause tablet.

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  8. MV

    Maria van Niekerk (Verified Owner)

    This product really keeps the hunger under control.

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  9. MD

    Michelle D. (Verified Owner)

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  10. M

    MARIA (Verified Owner)

    I still have to experience the drop in my sugar levels, but have confidence in the feedback of the other satisfied customers.

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  11. A

    Anonymous (Verified Owner)

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  12. DV

    Diederick V. (Verified Owner)

    Enjoying the shake, great taste, not replacing a meal as yet….

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  13. MM

    Mpho M. (Verified Owner)

    It is good, however I just found out that I’m gluten allergic so I wish there was a gluten-free alternative.

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  14. EV

    Elize Van Rensburg (Verified Owner)

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  15. RB

    Regina Barbara Toua (Verified Owner)

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  16. WG

    Wendy Greeff

    Tasty, easy and full of energy.

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  17. M


    Ideal shake to keep me full and blood sugar stable
    The shakes really keep me full and my blood sugar doesn’t dip afterwards. Honestly not the most delicious shakes though but I suppose it’s because it’s ‘clean’ and healthy. Definitely helps me save time with breakfasts or lunches.

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  18. X


    Strawberry shake
    I don’t like the taste of the strawberry shake….it has an after taste

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  19. CR

    Christa Roselt

    I’ve compared many meal supplements at various stores and the Manna shake comes out tops. Not all meal replacement products are diabetic friendly so it’s really is a mission to find the right one for me. I’ve used the Manna meal replacements for a long time and found it to meet more than my needs. It really is a meal replacement and since you get all the nutrients that you need, you don’t feel hungry or crave some other food. Price wise the Manna shake is very competitive given the size of the container in relation to other products. It is a quality product and anyone can use it with confidence

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  20. K


    Bought the product for a family member who was not eating due to ill health..and he loves the product. We knew he was getting the nutrition he needs! Thanks Manna for a tasty nutritionsl supplement

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  21. B


    Low GI Shake – Great product
    We love the taste and the easy mix of the shake. Perfect for that top-up in the morning when the planned breakfast did not land with the family.

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  22. J


    I got the chocolate. It’s really good in smoothies. Just has a little bit of a stevia taste, so if you don’t like stevia, you won’t like this. Can’t wait to try the strawberry!!

    (0) (0)
  23. D


    Its early days but I plan on being honest throughout the reviews I send through and hopefully what I say might help someone. The purchase from Manna was a simple process, the courier service was great, I received my order quickly. The shake itself tastes great. I opted for chocolate flavour – the shake is easy to prepare, helps me feel full and I no longer need to stress about what Im packing in food wise for the day at work. Im hoping the scale agrees with my choice – I certainly feel happy so far.

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  24. JV

    Jackie van der Merwe

    Manna shakes are really great! my breakfast and lunch go to meals including weekends.No more cravings or binge eating and I feel good 🙂

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  25. F


    I really enjoy this shake, its filling, tastes good and keeps you going longer between meals.Great stuff; great product.

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  26. LP

    Lorainne Prinsloo

    I love love love this shake. It keeps me full, regular and from not skipping my breakfast. buying it online is the best, Super fast service and real easy too.
    Would definitely recommend it here, as I already did to my co-workers. and they also love it.
    When I’m not really hungry this is my go-to meal. . . bonus is I can take it anywhere.

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  27. H


    I normally have a sweet tooth, but since I started to use Manna Shake no cravings and especially no cravings for sugar. Already after a week could feel a major difference on how My clothes fit-Manna shake works!

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  28. TF

    Tony Finch

    I have become part of the team, because I truly believe in the product .
    I started to use the product in 2015 and lost 33 kg in 10 months.
    I have started to use the shake again but this time with my wife and lost 6 kg in a week,
    Thankyou manna for this great opportunity.

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  29. LK

    Louise Kotze

    Hierdie produk is fantasties! Ek beveel dit aan vir almal. Het so rukkie terug nie genoeg ingepak toe ek wildtuin toe is, en het duidelik die verskil agtergekom (net ingeval ek getwyfel het). Ek wou die hele oggend alles eet wat voorkom! Dit is nie net vir mense met diabetes nie en dit is so maklik en vinnig. Ek maak vir ‘n paar weke hierdie klein plastiek bakkies met dekseltjies aan, maar voeg ook bietjie borrie, gemmer en ook ‘n lepeltjie klapperolie by. SaL nooit weer darsonder nie!

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  30. L


    The best shake, keeps me full of energy and I love what the fibre does to me. Pleasant to drink.

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  31. BV

    Beatrix van Dyk

    I like that it’s not as sweet as some of the other shakes. The strawberry flavour is good. I use it mornings when i’m in a hurry. Thanks

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  32. G


    Caramel was my best flavour. It’s the best meal replacement shake by far.

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  33. J


    Absolutely the best shake ever! Keeps you full for hours

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  34. S


    Excellent product! Use it as breakfast, lunch and before I cycle. Do not crave chocholates or any sweets as I used to. Provides good energy when I cycle long distances. Will keep on using the shake.

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  35. J


    Very filling and keeps me satisfied for hours. Also keeps my blood sugar levels stable

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  36. DJ

    Debbie Jacobs

    I have tried many shakes in my live time. The Manna shake is the best. Excellent for breakfast when you are in a rush. Does stop your cravings and I find I don’t pick on food all day.

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  37. LP

    Lizette Paris

    Magic shake for breakfast. I put a scoop full into low sugar yogurt in the mornings, and then I don’t get hungry all morning. I have lost nearly a kilo a week, and together with the blood sugar support I am getting rid of my sugar issue having been diagnosed with loosing my memory, being pre diabetic and on the way to osteoporosis. Thank you Manna Health and also being a Lyoness merchant so that I can earn my benefits when I shop with you.

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  38. G


    This is by far the best meal replacement shake I’ve tried so far! I’m always on the go and it keeps me full. Love it!!

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  39. LP

    Leonora Parker

    Fantastic, efficient service! Within a day or two I had the correct product in a remote little coastal town – no delivery charge! Great shake – tastes lovely and works. Best value for money.

    (0) (0)
  40. M


    My daughter of 10 and myself use the shake twice a week and find it very filling. We don’t get hungry before lunch and have no cravings.
    I would use it more often, however just cant afford it.

    (0) (0)
  41. P


    I have my shake for 3 weeks now. It keeps me full and I don’t have to worry about going to work without food because just one cup of my shake and I feel like I have eaten a full Plate of food. I feel energized and no cravings and my weight is stabilized. I am not missing any special of this shake without buying me some unless I really don’t have money. I have purchased 8 shakes since July already. I have introduced it to my friends and most of them borrowed from me so that they replace mine when their orders arrive.

    (0) (0)
  42. A


    I love this product mostly for ease of a healthy snack esp. at work. The caramel and strawberry flavours are awesome (need to try the chocolate as well) but overall, this shake leaves me full and satisfied. would recommend to anyone.

    (0) (0)
  43. S


    I love the strawberry shake. It tastes great. I have lost 12 kg in three months on the manna health diet. I have recommended the diet to my family and friends as well. Thank you manna health. You are doing a great job. My clothes are fitting excellent and I look fabulous.

    (1) (0)
  44. J


    I love this great tasting shake!! It makes me feel healthy and it stabilizes my blood sugar. Would highly recommend it to anyone!

    (0) (0)
  45. R


    I am insulin resistant and I need to watch what I eat very carefully. Since I found out about my insulin resistance I only have fruit during lunch and I found that my energy levels dropped drastically by 3pm. After taking Manna Shakes, I noticed that I have enough energy till my next meal, I am not consuming anything incorrect and I am not starving by the time I get home for supper. Since I have this shake with my fruit, it works brilliantly! I am having something I enjoy and its good for me…yaay for Manna!

    (0) (0)
  46. JT

    Jackie Tarling

    I’ve been a Type 1 Diabetic now for 41 years. I’ve never been able to lose weight easily so as I was coming abroad for 2months, I decided I had to lose weight before I left. I started on the Manna Shake on 4th May, taking it mainly in the mornings and at lunch. By the 22nd June, I had lost 9kgs. I was ecstatic. I also take 2 Manna Blood Sugar Support with each meal. I could still go out for dinners, I could still drink the odd glass of wine and have the odd whiskey. For the first time I have not felt like “I was on a diet” and I am never hungry with it!
    The Manna products are fantastic. I have recommended it to friends who are also trying to lose weight and they are most impressed.
    Thank you Manna!

    (1) (0)
  47. C


    I have spent the last 2years trying different shakes, and I made this purchase recently. Absolutely amazing! I took the caramel flavour, not only is the taste great, but it really does its job. I also use it to make my smoothies after a workout, and its by far the best diet aid.

    definitely on next months shopping list.

    (0) (0)
  48. Z


    I will definitely recommend this product to any one interested in maintaining their weight

    (0) (0)
  49. Y


    When my mom was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago I was encouraged to find more information about it.I came across Manna website which I then subscribed to. I decided to try the shake 3 weeks ago and I’ve already seen a difference in how my clothes fit me.Iam not ready to weigh myself yet however I love the fact that I do not crave for sweets anymore.Great stuff and I will recommend to all my friends.

    (0) (0)
  50. C


    I tried a few low GI / slimming shakes before, and this one is really the BEST! It sustains you and you don’t crave. Try F.A.T tabs as well – excellent products!

    (0) (0)
  51. L


    I have used Manna Shake a few years ago. And it made me lost weight. Over the years I actually forgot about the shake. Tried other mixtures, but nothing worked. I remembered that long time ago I used an shake, MANNA.
    Well I have used 3 bottles now. since I am using the shake, I can really say that this WORKS. I do not have any cravings anymore, feel much more awake, and energized. Yes you must still eat and cannot just drink the shake, but for someone who wants to lose weight, this is the product to use. MANNA SHAKE.
    Thank you Gerda for your helpfulness and friendlyness.

    (0) (0)
  52. R


    Good Day Reader,

    When I came to hear of this offer being made to deliver the product and the special attached to it, I was at first sceptical of buying the product on the internet, but after consideration of other products which have bought and being a first time client of yours, I worried about receiving the product, But all needlessly, as I was amazed at your constant contact with me to reassure me of YOUR commitment to my order.

    So I will highly recommend you to others.

    (0) (0)
  53. D


    But, it’s more expensive online. Dis-kem – R119

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  54. DC

    Dawn Capes

    I find the caramel shake the best, I add a hald a banana and 1 heaped teaspoon of peanut butter and find these shakes filling and tasty.
    I also like the strawberry one if I am using berries instead of banana. Being a diabetic these shakes keep my sugar level down between 4.1 and 5 every day.