Aches & Pains Gel


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Aches & Pains Gel

Our Aches & Pains Gel relieves and treats everyday ailments e.g. cuts, sores and minor burns, rashes and more.

Benefits of the gel:

  • Treats cuts
  • Treats sores
  • Treatment of minor burns
  • Treats rashes
  • Treats infection
  • Treatment of achne
  • Treatment of vaginal infection and thrush
  • Healing and soothing
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Pain Relieving


  • Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Lavendula officinalis
  • Matricarea chamomilla
  • Mentha piperita
  • Purified water
  • Glycerine
  • Carbopol, Tri-ethanol amine
  • Methyl- and Propylparaben


The Aches & Pains Gel provides symptomatic relief and treats everyday ailments e.g. cuts, sores and minor burns, rashes,
prevention of infection, promotion of healing, relieving discomfort and infection of vaginal thrush.
It also assist in the treatment of acne

Contra Indications

Not suitable for epileptics
Recommended not to use during pregnancy or lactation
Not suitable for individuals with known sensitivity to any of the ingredients

Dosage and Directions for use

Apply up to three times a day as needed.
To relief vaginal thrush ? apply to vaginal area and to a tampon (before inserting) twice daily.



Available at:Aches and Pain Gel treats everyday ailments

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10 reviews for Aches & Pains Gel

Based on 10 reviews
  1. ED

    ELIZE DE KLERK (Verified Owner)

    it works for aches and pains

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  2. EP

    Elzefrieda Potgieter (Verified Owner)

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  3. A

    Anonymous (Verified Owner)

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  4. FN

    Faith Ntombela (Verified Owner)


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  5. CS

    Christa Smit (Verified Owner)

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  6. FL

    Franz L. (Verified Owner)

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  7. E

    Elizabeth (Verified Owner)

    This gel helps for everything and anything.

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    Anonymous (Verified Owner)

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  9. E


    Wonderful product! I use this for any cuts, abrasions, nicks, pains, and aches. I also get it for my mom who uses it, amongst other things, for muscle pains and cramps, and she is also very happy. A tube of this is always available in my house.

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  10. R

    Ruby (store manager)

    I am really impressed with this product, i bruised my knee really badly and the pain was excruciating to say the least, I remembered my manna product and applied the aches and pains gel the morning, afternoon and evening. the pain subsided and I continue to apply it for a further three days and after that it felt a whole lot better. It is like magic!!! Thanks Manna!

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