Gout: The Disease of Kings

Characteristics of gout are abrupt, intense attacks of pain, redness and tenderness in joints, very often found in the joint at the base of the big toe.

Gout is a very complex form of arthritis and it can affect anyone. Men are more likely to develop gout, but an increased risk of gout is present in women after menopause.

An extreme attack of gout can cause a person to wake up at night with an intense burning sensation in the big toe. The joint affected by gout is extremely hot, very swollen and so sensitive that even the weight of the sheet on it may cause high levels of discomfort.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat gout and also methods of minimizing the risk of it occurring in the future. If gout is left untreated, it can damage the joints, tendons, and other tissues.


Symptoms of gout

Most of the time, the symptoms of gout are very sudden and painful. It often occurs in the middle of the night and can be so painful that it wakes you from your sleep. Symptoms include:

  • Extreme joint pain

The most common place where gout is found is in the joint at the base of the big toe. It can however occur in many other places such as the rest of the feet, ankles, knees, hands and fingers, and of course the joints located in the wrists.

It has been found that the pain is at its worst round about 12 to 24 hours after it has first started.

  • Constant discomfort

After the worst pain has gone away, discomfort is still felt in the joints. This discomfort might be present for a few days or sometimes even a few weeks. Gout that appears after the initial attack is likely to last longer and be more widely spread than the first time.

  • Redness and inflammation

The involved joints become swollen sensitive and red.


When should a doctor be consulted?

As soon as you feel a very sudden and extreme pain attack in a joint, it is best to contact your doctor. If gout is left untreated it can lead to even more pain and permanent damage to the joint.

If you have developed a fever and if you have a joint that feels like it is on fire accompanied by sharp pain attacks, it could very well be a sign of infection and a doctor should be contacted immediately

Gout is caused by the accumulation of urate crystals in a joint, which results in inflammation and extreme pain.

Urate crystals form due to high levels of a substance called “uric acid” in the bloodstream.

Uric acid is produced by the body when it breaks down purines, which are substances that can be found in the body. Purines can also be found in certain types of food namely: organ meats, herring, anchovies mushrooms as well as asparagus. Other foods that lead to high levels of uric acids are those that get turned into high concentrations of glucose in the body. These include sugary drinks, bread, white rice and pasta. This also includes beverages that contain alcohol, as alcohol also results in high amounts of glucose.

Under normal circumstances, uric acid will dissolve in your blood and will get filtered by the kidneys whereafter it is excreted from the body through urination. Sometimes too much uric acid is produced or not enough uric acid is excreted by the kidneys. This is then what ultimately causes gout. Sharp crystals form in the joint or the tissue surrounding the joint which causes swelling, inflammation and extreme pain.


Complications caused by gout

Gout can lead to more severe conditions, for example:

  • Recurrent gout

Some people may never experience any symptoms of gout after the first time, whereas others may suffer from the effects of it several times per year. People with recurrent gout can prevent gout attacks from returning by using medication.

  • Advanced gout

Gout that is left untreated can cause urate crystal deposits to form underneath the skin in nodules referred to as “tophi” (pronounced TOE-fi). Tophi can develop in a variety of parts such as your fingers, hands, feet, elbows or Achilles tendons. Tophi usually are not painful, but during gout attacks, they become sensitive and swollen.

  • Kidney stones

People with gout may experience urate crystals forming in the urinary tract, resulting in kidney stones. The risk of developing kidney stones can be reduced by using the correct medication.

  • Conventional Gout Treatment

A complete cure for gout has not yet been found, but gout can be greatly reduced through several conventional methods. Most of the time doctors prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as “ibuprofen” which helps lessen the inflammation and pain.

Corticosteroids are used to gain a similar effect; these are given by means of oral medication (pills) or injections. Other medications help lower the levels of uric acid in the blood with the best known probably being allopurinol (Zyloprim). Note that these methods should be used as a last resort since they can all cause significant side effects.


Natural Gout Treatment

Like most diseases these days, gout is usually due to factors in a person’s lifestyle. This means that following an anti-inflammatory eating plan and making lifestyle changes should be the first step to take in battling gout.

The following factors should be taken into account:

    • Meats that contain high levels of uric acid should be avoided. These meats include anchovies, sardines and organ meats. In the past, doctors thought plant foods that are high in purine, such as lentils, peas, mushrooms and spinach was the cause of gout but recent studies have shown that there is no connection between eating these foods and gout attacks.
    • Eliminate caffeine from your diet.
    • Minimize alcohol intake. Alcohol causes dehydration and results in irritation in the urinary tract.
    • Drink 2 litres of water per day. The easiest way to keep track of your daily water intake is to drink 8 (250 ml) glasses of water per day. The water helps flush out urate crystal build-up.
    • When you are overweight, it is very important to lose the extra weight first.
    • Consume tart cherries – fresh, juiced or as a cherry extract. Studies show that tart cherries suppress enzymes called cyclooxygenase-1 and -2, which are the targets of anti-inflammatory medicines.
    • Take the Manna pH Balance Supplement, with papaya seed extract, to excrete excess uric acid from the body as well as to balance the pH levels of the body.
    • Follow the Alkaline recipes as given in the free Acid/Alkaline e-book.


Risk factors of gout

High levels of uric acid in the bloodstream increases the risk of developing gout. There are various factors that increase uric acid levels in the body, such as:

  • Lifestyle factors

Day to day lifestyle choices could increase the risk of developing gout. One of the main factors that are often overlooked is alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol use is generally defined as more than 2 drinks per day for men and more than 1 drink per day for women.

  • Medical conditions

Some diseases or medical conditions increase the possibility of developing gout. Such conditions include untreated high blood pressure and chronic ailments such as diabetes, high-fat levels and cholesterol levels in the blood (hyperlipidemia), and narrowing in the arteries (arteriosclerosis).

  • Medications

Use of medication such as:

– Thiazide diuretics which is typically used for the treatment of hypertension.
– Low-dose aspirin can increase uric acid levels.
– Anti-rejection drugs are prescribed for people who have undergone an organ transplant.

  • Genetic history of gout

If there have been cases of gout in your family history, the risk of you developing gout is higher.

  • Age and sex

Gout is more often found in men than it is found in women, mainly due to the fact that women usually have much lower levels of uric acid than men do. After menopause, women are more likely to develop gout than in earlier years, as there is an increase in uric acid levels. In men, however, gout tends to develop between the ages of 40 and 50 years instead of later in life.


Tests and diagnosis of gout

Different tests exist which can be used to diagnose gout, such as:

  • Joint fluid test

A needle can be used to extract fluid from the affected joint. This joint fluid is then examined under a microscope where, if present, urate crystals can be identified.

  • Blood test 

Blood tests are done to measure the uric acid levels in the bloodstream. This cannot solely be trusted to determine gout, as some people have high levels of uric acid, but never develop gout. The opposite is true, where some people show symptoms of gout but their uric acid levels are not abnormally high.



pH Balance

Manna pH Balance

The natural way to get rid of acidity and balance the body’s pH levels

This formulation of the highest quality natural & organic ingredients was specifically designed to balance the pH of the body

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What is Manna pH Balance?

The use of botanical and herbal medicines as a complementary approach to assist in the balancing of pH in the human body has been increasing, possibly because of the adverse effects associated with the use of chemical medication.

This formulation of the highest quality natural ingredients was specifically designed to help reduce high acid levels and support the balancing of the body’s pH levels, assisting in the relief of arthritis symptoms like osteoarthritis and gout.

The product is FREE from ALL major potential allergens and is free of ANY additives.

How does it work?

Manna pH Balance helps to increase the rate of acid excretion and to reduce the inflammatory response. The product also assists kidney blood flow rate. The different ingredients work in a synergistic manner to reduce acidity and balance the pH of the human body.

Benefits of Manna pH Balance

  • Helps to reduce high acid levels in the body
  • Assists in the relief of arthritis symptoms
  • Helps to relieve gout and gout-related symptoms
  • Assists in the relief of osteoarthritis
  • Balances the pH of the body

“Ever Since I started Using Manna pH Balance I knew I got the right and quality product when I noticed that the pain and burning in my legs and feet was gone from the high purine acid I had in my body, I can recommend manna pH balance to any person with a high purine acid, it does the job.”


Ingredients of Manna pH Balance

If you observe the ingredients below, you will see why this product is formulated for ultimate pH Balance enhancement. We only use 5 ingredients in the product to get the highest effect from each individual ingredient.

Eucalyptus extract (Flavonoids and Polyphenols) (1)

The Anti-Oxidant properties (ORAC Value) in the Flavonoids and Polyphenols from this natural Eucalyptus extract is even higher than grape seed extract. The Anti-Viral and Anti-Inflammatory properties are also very high, assisting in the relief and fighting of inflammation caused by high uric acid levels.

Papaya extract (2)

It is also very rich in antioxidant nutrients Flavonoids and carotenes, very high in vitamin C plus A, and low in calories and sodium. Papaya extract helps to increase acid excretion via the kidneys.

Aloe Ferox gum (Aloe Bitters) (3,4)

Aloe bitters is a strong anti-inflammatory substance which help with the balancing of pH in the body and acts as an antibiotic, with strong detoxifying properties.

Curcuma longa folia (Turmeric) (5)

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Parsley (6)

Parsley acts as a natural diuretic which can help your body flush out excess uric acid from your bloodstream through your kidneys and urinary tract, thus supporting kidney function.


“As a long time sufferer of gout attacks on a regular basis I tried almost every known remedy proven or unproven when I read about Manna PH BALANCE I thought well what have got to loose I have purchased many others with minor or no results so let me give it a try. Ordered my first batch 4 months ago and have not had one single attack on my next three month batch, I only take two tablets a day in the morning and no side affects, only complete relief. I would recommend it and do to any GOUT sufferers. It’s simply a magical substance. Working for me.”

Mark Hancock

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Manna pH Balance is Available at


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How to take Manna pH Balance?


1 caplet 3 times per day, with food

Who can Use it?

Anyone suffering from high acid levels, gout, gout symptoms, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc. can use it.

How Safe is it?

The ingredients in the product are all sourced from reliable, GMP certified suppliers. Each ingredient is tested for chemical compounds, like fumigation, pesticides or herbicides.

All the ingredients are seen as dietary ingredients and also regarded as safe to use.

Also, you cannot overdose on the product.

Can I use it with my current medication?

This product can be used in conjunction with any other medication. When on Warfarin, take the product 2 hours before or 2 hours after the Warfarin.


“This has totally changed my life regarding the acid in my body and the impact it had on my daily life. I have acid relief within 20 min after taking a capsule. I drink one 4 times per day and so keep my body in constant balance. If I forget to drink one, I start feeling the uncomfartable symptoms within the hour, so I know immediately how to rectify it. Super, super stuff.”


Buy Manna pH Balance online now!

Manna pH Balance is Available at


“Ph balance has helped me tremendously as I used to struggle with gout it reduces my acid levels”



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