What Does Type 2 Diabetes Do To The Heart?

What Does Type 2 Diabetes Do To The Heart?

Diabetes severely increases the risk of heart problems.


It is definitely one of the most serious diabetes complications and one that should be looked after immediately.  

Although many people with type 2 diabetes worry about losing their vision or having an amputation, the greater risk is to the heart.

Almost 65% of people with type 2 diabetes die of heart disease or stroke. They are two to four times more likely to die of heart disease than people without diabetes. Now those are scary statistics!

When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, they probably have had prediabetes for as long as 10 years. By this time, their risk for cardiovascular disease is extremely high. And then 10 years later, they might have their first cardiovascular event.


Why is this such a serious danger?

People with type 2 diabetes are faced with an enormous challenge. Because they not only have the problem of out-of-control blood sugar levels, but in most patients, they also have major problems with their cholesterol, blood pressure, and obviously their weight.

So what can we do to stop diabetic heart problems?

  1. Get yourself checked

The very first step is to find out what your risk levels for heart disease and stroke are.

  1. Get active 30 minutes a day

You need to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity into your daily routine.

Walk a half-hour every day, or 10 minutes after each meal. Skip the elevator or escalator and take the stairs instead. Park at the far end of the lot and walk to your destination. Anything for the sake of being healthier.

  1. Eat heart-healthy foods

First things first – forget that “fat causes cholesterol and heart problems”. It has been shown to be untrue.

Rather be careful of high-sugar and high-carb foods.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, together with healthy lean protein like fish, chicken, lean beef, or vegetarian protein options.

  1. Check your blood pressure

Have your blood pressure checked regularly. It should be below 130/80 for most people.

Learn more about high blood pressure…

  1. Shed kilograms if you are overweight

Don’t go on crash diets. Follow a healthy, balanced way of eating that can help you lose weight along the way. If you need a guide, get the Free Manna Diet eBook. This helps to lose weight steadily, and also helps to ensure that the weight does not find its way back.

  1. If you smoke – quit. 

If you smoke, it is time to kick the habit once and for all. Should you fail, don’t give up or assume you just can’t do it.

There are many ways to quit smoking, but one thing is for sure—most people must try over and over until they succeed.

  1. Have your cholesterol checked

You should have your cholesterol tested at least once a year.

      • Aim for an LDL (bad cholesterol) level that is below 2.58mmol/l
      • a HDL (good cholesterol) level that is above 1.034mmol/l if you’re male and above 1.293mmol/l if you’re female
      • and triglyceride level that is below 3.88mmol/l

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  1. Control your blood sugar

The best thing you can do is to treat the problem right at the root cause. Seeing that diabetes is the culprit here, it is absolutely crucial to get your blood sugar levels under control.

Possibly THE BEST healthy lifestyle change you can make is taking Manna Blood Sugar Support with every meal.

Signs of out of control blood sugar levels…


What is Manna Blood Sugar Support?

Manna Blood Sugar Support is 100% organic & natural and works in a unique way by slowing down the absorption of glucose from the food you eat.


How does Manna Blood Sugar Support work?

The Manna Blood Sugar Support is a uniquely formulated, natural and organic supplement that helps to maintain even blood sugar levels.

When taken with food, Manna Blood Sugar Support gels with the food in the stomach to reduce the glycemic index of the food and drink you consume by up to 43% and therefore help to prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high.


What are the benefits of Manna Blood Sugar Support?

  • Helps to maintain balanced blood sugar levels.
  • Helps to control cravings.
  • Ensures balanced blood sugar levels to prevent diabetic health complications like burning feet.

Manna Blood Sugar Support is currently the only certified organic blood sugar support supplement in the world.

So if you experience any of the symptoms related to diabetic eye disease, or know of somebody who does, what are you waiting for?

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