Crackers and Savoury Baked Products

GI and GL table for Crackers and Savoury Baked Products

Crackers and Savoury Bakes

The GI (Glycemic Index) & GL (Glycemic Load) table for crackers and savoury baked products to help make a better choice when choosing crackers and savoury bakes.

GIName of product / food GLUnitMass (g) Comments
LowTortilla, wheat <10 150Mexican GI
LowPizza base, gluten free, Ace of Base <20 1 base 90GIFSA & DSA
LowGlobal Wrapps* (no filling) <30 1 wrap 90
LowProvita, original, multigrain <5 1 cracker 6GIFSA Active Foods
LowProvita, original, whole wheat <5 1 cracker 6GIFSA & DSA
LowTortilla, corn or maize (wheat free) <20 150Mexican GI, GF
MediumPita bread <30 1 pita 85Canadian GI
MediumCrackermates Lites, sesame and poppyseed <5 1 cracker 5
MediumCrackermates Lites, whole wheat <5 1 cracker 4.5
MediumChapatti, maize or corn <20 1 chapatti 50Indian GI, GF
MediumCrackerbread, rye, Bakers <5 1 cracker 7.5
MediumRyvita <5 1 cracker 9Australian GI
MediumCroissant** <30 160Canadian GI; high fat
MediumCracker bread, wheat, Bakers <5 17.5
MediumTaco shell <5 111.2Canadian GI, GF
High Melba toast <20 1 slice 20Canadian GI
High Cracker bread, maize, Bakers <5 1 cracker 7.5
High Snackbread, whole wheat <5 1 cracker 5,5Australian GI
High Cream Crackers <5 1 cracker 6.9Estimated GI
High Rice cakes, plain <10 1 cracker 8.85GF
High Corn Thins, plain, Real Foods <10 1 cracker 6Australian GI, GF

A true Low GI food releases glucose slowly and steadily into the bloodstream without overstimulating the pancreas to produce too much insulin. A High GI food, on the other hand, causes a sudden, large increase in blood glucose, resulting to either hyperglycaemia in Diabetics or hypoglycaemia in hypoglycaemics. GI of Glucose = 100
The products marked by an * are high in fat.
GF – means gluten free.

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