Naturally get rid of gout and rheumatoid arthritis

Manna PH Balance is specifically formulated from the highest quality natural & organic ingredients to treat gout and its symptoms.

pH Balance

More than 30 000 units sold!

pH Balance

Manna pH Balance

The natural way to get rid of gout and rheumatoid arthritis

Specifically formulated from the highest quality natural & organic ingredients to treat gout and its symptoms. 

More than 30 000 units sold!

Manna pH Balance is Available at


“Great product. The initial pain that I have been experiencing in my knee is 95% gone. Just a little niggle but this is just after 6 days. Fantastic.”


What is Manna pH Balance?

Manna pH Balance is an all-natural supplement to help treat gout and rheumatoid arthritis. 

It is made from natural ingredients, and helps to treat gout at its root cause. 

How does it work for gout?

Manna pH Balance uses a blend of ingredients namely eucalyptus extract, papaya extract, turmeric, aloe bitters, and parsley to help regulate the uric acid levels in the body. 

It does this by taking excess uric acid, breaking it down, and excreting it from the body through the urine.

This also helps to lower inflammation and improve the kidney blood flow rate. 

Manna pH Balance is FREE from ALL major potential allergens and is free of ANY additives.

Benefits of Manna pH Balance

  • Helps to relieve gout and gout-related symptoms
  • Helps treat rheumatoid arthritis
  • Balances uric acid levels
  • Reduces inflammation in the joints

“Ever Since I started Using Manna pH Balance I knew I got the right and quality product when I noticed that the pain and burning in my legs and feet was gone from the high purine acid I had in my body, I can recommend manna pH balance to any person with a high purine acid, it does the job.”


Ingredients of Manna pH Balance

We only use 5 natural ingredients in Manna pH to get the highest effect from each individual ingredient.

Eucalyptus extract (Flavonoids and Polyphenols) (1)

The Anti-Oxidant properties (ORAC Value) in the Flavonoids and Polyphenols from this natural Eucalyptus extract is even higher than grape seed extract. The Anti-Viral and Anti-Inflammatory properties are also very high, assisting in the relief and fighting of inflammation caused by high uric acid levels.

Papaya extract (2)

It is also very rich in antioxidant nutrients Flavonoids and carotenes, very high in vitamin C plus A, and low in calories and sodium. Papaya extract helps to increase acid excretion via the kidneys.

Aloe Ferox gum (Aloe Bitters) (3,4)

Aloe bitters is a strong anti-inflammatory substance which help with the balancing of pH in the body and acts as an antibiotic, with strong detoxifying properties.

Curcuma longa folia (Turmeric) (5)

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Parsley (6)

Parsley acts as a natural diuretic which can help your body flush out excess uric acid from your bloodstream through your kidneys and urinary tract, thus supporting kidney function.


“As a long time sufferer of gout attacks on a regular basis I tried almost every known remedy proven or unproven when I read about Manna PH BALANCE I thought well what have got to loose I have purchased many others with minor or no results so let me give it a try. Ordered my first batch 4 months ago and have not had one single attack on my next three month batch, I only take two tablets a day in the morning and no side affects, only complete relief. I would recommend it and do to any GOUT sufferers. It’s simply a magical substance. Working for me.”

Mark Hancock

Manna pH Balance

The natural way to get rid of gout and rheumatoid arthritis

pH Balance

Manna pH Balance

The natural way to get rid of gout and rheumatoid arthritis

More than 30 000 units sold!

Manna pH Balance is Available at

How to take Manna pH Balance?


1 caplet 3 times per day, with food

Who can Use it?

Anyone suffering from high acid levels, gout, gout symptoms, arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc. can use it.

How Safe is it?

The ingredients in the product are all sourced from reliable, GMP certified suppliers. Each ingredient is tested for chemical compounds, like fumigation, pesticides or herbicides.

All the ingredients are seen as dietary ingredients and also regarded as safe to use.

Also, you cannot overdose on the product.

Can I use it with my current medication?

This product can be used in conjunction with any other medication. When on Warfarin, take the product 2 hours before or 2 hours after the Warfarin.


“This has totally changed my life regarding the acid in my body and the impact it had on my daily life. I have acid relief within 20 min after taking a capsule. I drink one 4 times per day and so keep my body in constant balance. If I forget to drink one, I start feeling the uncomfartable symptoms within the hour, so I know immediately how to rectify it. Super, super stuff.”



“My husband suffers from gout, he has to take puricos daily but he has had side effects from the medicine. SInce he has been using the PH balance he hasn’t had any attacks and there are no side effects. “


Buy Manna pH Balance online now!

Manna pH Balance is Available at


“Ph balance has helped me tremendously as I used to struggle with gout it reduces my acid levels”



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The first signs of gout usually include a sharp, sudden pain or discomfort in one or more joints – the most common of these is the joint in the big toe. 

Gout is caused by an excess of uric acid in the body, which then builds up around the joints in the form of uric crystals. This causes the joint to become inflamed which results in the pain and discomfort associated with gout. 

Certain foods can trigger gout or cause it to be more severe. These include:

  • Sugary drinks and sweets
  • Foods that are high in refined carbohydrates (Pasta, white bread, white rice, cookies, cake, etc.)
  • Foods with high fructose corn syrup
  • Alcohol
  • Overconsumption of organ meats
  • Certain seafood, scallops, mussels, codfish, and tuna.

It can range from a slight discomfort surrounding the joint, all the way to a burning, sharp, stinging pain. 

Gout can be treated through certain lifestyle factors. These include:

  • Eating less purine-rich foods
  • Avoiding foods that are high in sugar
  • Cutting out refined carbohydrates as much as possible
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Taking a good natural supplement like Manna pH Balance
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