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Manna collagen peptide

The Manna Collagen Peptide is the perfect protein add-on to any diet. It helps to give your body the protein boost it needs, in a completely natural way. Since ancient times, collagen has been known to benefit human health. For centuries, people have been consuming collagen in the form of bone broth to support their joint and bone health and in more recent times, to promote skin beauty.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that acts as a building block for various structures in the body. It makes up about 30% of the total protein in the body, and it is responsible for the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of all our connective tissues – including skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones.

Manna Collagen is what is known as “Type 1 Collagen Peptides”. This means they are extremely similar to the type of collagen found in the skin and bones of the human body. It contains 18 amino acids. These are the building blocks of proteins.

  • Glycine, proline and hydroxyproline make up around 50% of Manna Collagen’s total amino acid content.
  • The glycine and proline in Manna Collagen are 10 to 20 times higher than in other proteins.

Health Benefits of Manna Collagen Peptide:

  • Healthy Aging – Staying healthy and mobile.
  • Joint and Bone Health – Optimum joint and bone health.
  • Skin Beauty – Fighting against visible signs of ageing.
  • Sports Nutrition – Moving freely and efficiently.

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20 reviews for Manna Bovine Collagen Peptide

Based on 20 reviews
  1. Elizabeth (store manager)

    This is a wonderful product, within 2 weeks I could feel en see a difference in my skin and nails.

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  2. Carina (store manager)

    I got this for the aunty I live with. She struggles with knee pain. When she stopped using it she could feel the pain coming back. She started to use it again and already feel a difference since using it for a week

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  3. Sandra Brits (store manager)

    Helps put the collagen back in my body, only on it for my second month.

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  4. Sandra Brits (store manager)

    Bring over 60 years, woman of my age should use extra help to provide the nessesary Collagen that we lose, I personally love this product and use it with my manna shake

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  5. CARIN (store manager)

    Great product and a great price! The product has helped me to get rid of the pain in my hips

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  6. Yolandi (store manager)

    I have been using this product since July’21 and I can start to see the deep frown lines on my forehead fading, my nails are also growing much faster, very happy with this product, I will be continuing with it.

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  7. Gail (store manager)

    I am on my 2nd bottle of Collagen already but could see a difference towards the end on my first bottle, I have been battling with dry cracked heals forever and have had the best of treatment with no results until I started to use Manna Bovine Collagen, I can also see a tightening around my chin area, I’m sooo happy for this product and always recommend it to people who ask or notice the difference in my appearance, Nanna Bovine Collagen, definitely a thumbs up from me,

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  8. Gail (store manager)

    I can definitely recommend this product, I’m taking it in a little hot almond milk, pleasant tasting and I can already see a difference in my face and skin, I’m taking it to make my bones stronger as well,

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  9. Liz (store manager)

    Both my husband and I take collagen daily and his knee injury from years ago no longer hurts. We buy Manna because it is the most reasonably priced on the market that we know off.

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  10. Karin (store manager)

    I drink one scoop in my coffee on a daily basis. I love the product as my skin look better and there is no aftertaste.

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  11. Kay (store manager)

    Have this stirred inyi my morning coffee, over cereak, or sprinkled over a lunch time salad. No flavor so no nasty after taste and i can feel the difference already❤️

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  12. M Nienaber (store manager)

    The collagen is value for money and good quality, easy to use.

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  13. Monica Clarke (store manager)

    The pain in my knees, hips and shoulders have all gone. Make me realise how important it is to take collagen. Will never stop taking it.

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  14. Mrs Loggenberg (store manager)

    This is an excellent product and meets purpose

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  15. Charlotte Constancon (store manager)

    Hierdie produk is nie altyd dieselfde nie, soms los dit maklik op in water en soms le dit net op die oppervlak van die water in die glas. Die formule moet tog altyd dieselfde bly.

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  16. Aruna (store manager)

    This product in so amazing. Mixes well with any liquid – i normally add it into my smoothies . Have tried mixing it into my drinking water and works well as it does not change the taste of the water .
    I am extremely satisfied with this product.

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  17. Anusha (store manager)

    I love this product…. Add it yoghurt and walla… Healthy joints and ageless skin

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  18. Lynne Crafford (store manager)

    I love using Manna Supplements and decided to try Manna Bovine Collagen Peptide for the first time. Very well-priced and so easy to use. I mix one scoop which easily mixes with about half a cup of water and add it to the Manna Low GI Shake. Delicious! Helps with smoothing my skin!

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  19. Kevin Phillips (store manager)

    We love this product.

    It is extremely well priced. Remember to always use the powder and not capsules for collagen, the reason being is that we have found that the quantity of collagen is a capsule is much less than a serving of powder; gram for gram of capsules vs powder makes the capsules excessively expensive.

    Very often the collagen powders are flavored – and often the flavors are excessive and unpleasant. You can choose to flavor this powder yourself or not.

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  20. Benny Loggenberg (store manager)

    If you follow the Manna recovery protocol programme over the 3 months results are excellent.

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