Manna Blood Sugar Support 60’s (Organic)


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60 Capsules, made in South Africa to GMP Quality Standards of pure grade materials, all tested for purity.


Manna Blood Sugar Support 60’s (Organic)

What is the Manna Blood Sugar Support?

The Manna Blood Sugar Support 60’s is an all-natural health supplement for managing blood sugar levels, made from the pods of the Prosopis (Mesquite) tree, and it does not have any negative side effects like many chemical alternatives have. Helps control cravings, type 2 diabetes, Insulin Resistance and weight loss.

How Does Manna Blood Sugar Support Work?

The Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement is an organic and natural way to help balance blood sugar levels. It does this by “gelling” with the food we eat and then slow-releasing the sugar from these foods into our bloodstream. That is why you must always take it with food, otherwise, you are missing out on the amazing benefits of Manna Blood Sugar Support and it will not work as it should.

This means that it helps prevent the blood sugar levels from soaring through the roof after you have eaten something, and then also obviously helps avoid the subsequent sugar crash.

This helps your body to avoid the need for the pick-me-up from a sugary snack that we know as a craving. If you can stabilize your blood sugar levels and control cravings, it makes losing weight a whole lot easier.

When taken with food, Manna Blood Sugar Support gels with the food in the stomach to reduce the glycemic index of the food and drink you consume by up to 43%. It, therefore, helps to prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high.

Who can benefit from Manna Blood Sugar Support?

  • People with Type 2 Diabetes – The main cause of type 2 diabetes is constant fluctuating & high blood sugar levels. By using Manna Blood Sugar Support, we can ensure the blood sugar levels stay within the normal range and thus manage type 2 diabetes effectively.
  • People with insulin resistance – Insulin resistance is when the body cannot produce enough insulin, or the insulin is ineffective. By using the Manna Blood Sugar Support to stabilize the blood sugar levels, the body needs much less insulin and can function more effectively.
  • For those who want to lose weight – Insulin is also known as the “fat-storing hormone”. When we control the blood sugar levels, we can control the insulin levels as well. When the insulin levels are under control, less fat is being stored and it makes losing weight much easier.
  • Women who suffer from PCOS –Blood sugar plays a massive role in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and managing the blood sugar and insulin levels can make it much easier to manage PCOS, which is notoriously difficult to treat effectively.
  • Those suffering from Low Blood Sugar.
  • Children and adults with ADHD.
  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women.
  • Children

What are the benefits of Manna Blood Sugar Support?

  • Helps to maintain balanced blood sugar levels.
  • Keep you more satisfied after a meal, which means that the same meal can take you much further and cause you to eat less, which can help with natural weight loss.
  • Helps to control cravings.
  • Helps to keeps energy levels constant.
  • Balanced blood sugar levels can help to prevent diabetic health complications.

Can Manna Blood Sugar Support be used with other medications?

The Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement is one of the few supplements, which can be used in conjunction with any other medication without intervention or side effects.

You can use the product with your current diabetic medication, but need to monitor your blood glucose levels carefully, because the levels can drop too low.

When levels do drop, please consult with your medical practitioner to adjust your diabetic medication if needed.

What are the active ingredients of Manna Blood Sugar Support?

It is made from wild-harvested, organic Mesquite powder.

Dosage & Directions for Use

1 to 2 tablets 3 times per day with food.

Research, Studies, and Clinical Trials were done on Manna Blood Sugar Support:

The active ingredient (Mesquite) in the Manna Blood Sugar Support Supplement was trailed and tested at

  • The University of the Free State (dietetics department)
  • The University of Pretoria (dietetics department)
  • The Glycemic Index Foundation of South Africa (2005 & 2009)
  • The Medical Research Council of South Africa, published in:

– Journal of Ethno pharmacology 137 (2011) 298– 304



Only if allergic to ingredients


Manna Blood Sugar Support is a nutritional supplement and not a medicine.

Pack Size

60 Capsules


Available at:Manna Blood Sugar Support is available athelps control cravings, blood sugar levels, type 2 diabetes, Insulin Resistance and weight loss

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10 reviews for Manna Blood Sugar Support 60’s (Organic)

Based on 10 reviews
  1. S

    Sumaya (Verified Owner)

    I love this product, it works brilliantly.

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  2. VK

    vanessa kilian (Verified Owner)

    Only just started using but so far so good

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  3. NV

    Nicolaas Van Zyl (Verified Owner)

    Very good

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  4. MM

    Marietjie Matthee (Verified Owner)

    I like that you change the pills to capsules. The smell in the past was not nice but this is perfect. Well done! This work for me

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  5. N


    How long does manna capsules take to work .. I am on diaglucide duabetes medication

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    • A

      Admin (Verified Owner)

      It begins to work immediately.

  6. M


    Good excellent product. Does the job I’m feeling so much energetic

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  7. A


    My teenaged daughter gets very dizzy when getting up quickly after sitting down or lying down. It started to bother her during school hours also. I started giving her Manna Blood Sugar Support not knowing if it was low blood pressure or maybe low blood sugar. So far the dizziness is much better so the product seems to really work for her.

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  8. D


    My mom is diabetic, she started a few ago using the Manna products, she has lost weight as well as looking much healthier, I decided to give it a try, it has helped me with my cravings as well as my energy levels are up #great product

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  9. TC

    Trevor Cronwright

    This product has helped stabilise my blood sugar levels.

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  10. B


    I have to say that I don’t generally have a sweet tooth. But now i find myself turning down that odd chocolate or cookie that is offered to me at the workplace!

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