Manna Blood Circulations 3 Month Special


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Manna Blood Circulations 3 Month Special

Manna Blood Circulations 3 Month Special contains:

3 x Manna Blood circulation 90 capsules


Manna Blood Circulation Support increases micro-capillary blood flow. May also decrease unwanted blood lipid levels and dissolve lipid deposits in arteries.
The different ingredients work in a synergistic manner to improve blood flow.


Only if allergic to ingredients.
Pregnancy and lactation.


Manna Blood Circulation Support is a nutritional supplement and not a medicine.

Dosage & Directions for Use

2 to 3 capsules in the morning with food

The Manna Blood Circulation Support is available at:available atManna Blood Circulations 3 Month Special

16 reviews for Manna Blood Circulations 3 Month Special

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  1. Flo Delport (store manager)

    I take no prescribed medicine – only you Manna Health Products – I am 71 years of age and really can’t complain. Love this prouct.

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  2. Amelia (store manager)

    Excellent product. Really helps eliminate the coldness in feet and other problems in my feet and hands due to bad circulation.

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  3. Andriana (store manager)

    baie goeie produk, sal dit aanbeveel vir almal wat ‘n probleem het met sirkulasie

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  4. CHRISTA ROSELT (store manager)

    Superb product. All Manna products are of the highest quality …

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  5. Samantha (store manager)

    Hello, I started using your product after trying many on the market. Your product is amazing and I can feel the difference. Will be trying your other products for sure. I have found a name I can trust.

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  6. Christa Roselt (store manager)

    I’ve been using this product for a number of years now and can honestly say that it is definitely helping me with circulation challenges. Thank you once again.

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  7. Elna (store manager)

    I have bad osteoarthritis of both knees. Circulation was very bad. After taking your product it improved a lot. I have more energy and feeling better. Thank you for your good products.

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  8. Christa (store manager)

    Great product. I’ve been using it for quite some time now and I can honestly say that it works for me. I used to get pins and needles in my feet almost constantly, but now the feeling has reduced considerably

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  9. Sharon (store manager)

    I have used this product for two years now. Just could not afford to buy it recently. My right leg intends to swell due to varicose veins and circulation. I had to purchase it after not taking it for a few months and the bonus was I did not have to pay for delivery. I have noted a reduction in my right leg and better circulation already.

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  10. Christa (store manager)

    I’ve been using this product for quite some time now. I’m a diabetic so the product definitely assists with blood circulation to my feet. There are some days that I do feel a lot of tingling sensation in my feet, but overall I’m ok. Will recommend it strongly …

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  11. Andre (store manager)

    Uitstekende produk. Vanaf die eerste dag het ek dadelik ‘n verhoging in my energie vlakke opgemerk. Kom baie makliker deur die dag en die lusteloosheid en moegheid is baie beter. Kan beslis die produk ten sterkste aanbeveel.

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  12. Lindsey (store manager)

    I was taking Blood Circulation Support for about three months and felt good and then I stopped taking it but noticed that in the mornings my feet were cold and the blood was not flowing to my toes. I have started taking it again (for about a week now) and have noticed that my toes are doing much better again. I also seem to have more energy.

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  13. Anette Van Heerden (store manager)

    I have been using Circulation support for more than three years. I is still working well. It has me free of pain in my legs, no cold feet and hands, no chilblains (winters hands and feet). Ever since I have started using it, I have not been so cold during the winters, although it doesn’t give one hot flushes. I personally believe that it also helps with some heart problems that are caused by poor circulation.

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  14. Sharon Swartz (store manager)

    Been using this product for over a year now. It helps my varicose veins with swelling and pain.

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  15. denise (store manager)

    This WORKS! I sleep like a baby for the first time in years.. on my 2nd (not last) bottle. Thank you

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  16. jane (store manager)

    I’ve been on this course for about 7 days and find I’m not waking up with headaches anymore which happened every morning for many years. I also had chest pains 24/7 and that’s all gone. My energy levels have also improved tremendously. Being a polio victim my feet are constantly cold and that also has improved.

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