2 Shakes, Blood Sugar Support 180 & Shaker Combo


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Manna blood sugar support with 2 shakes and shaker combo

This Manna blood sugar support with 2 shakes and shaker combo contains:

  • 2 x Manna Shake (any flavours)
  • 1 x Manna Blood Sugar Support (180)
  • 1 x Manna Shaker

Manna Lactose-Free Low GI Shake

Advantages of the Manna Shake (Compare it to ANY other shake and see the difference)

  • Organic & Natural.
  • High in fibre.
  • Low GI.
  • Helps to Control Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Stop Cravings.
  • High Enough Nutritional Value, when taken with non-fat milk, to be regarded as a Meal Replacement.
  • Provides Energy, without Fattening.
  • The only shakes which contain Essential Sugars (Glyco-Nutrients).
  • Cholesterol Free.

The Shakes are suitable for

  • Diabetics.
  • Pregnant and lactating women.
  • Children of all ages.
  • Vegetarians.
  • Excellent for Sportsmen.
  • Fantastic for Weight Management.

Dosage & Directions

Add 1 level measuring scoop (±32g) of Manna Shake powder in a shaker or blender with a cup (250ml) of non-fat or skimmed milk, almond milk or oat milk.
Use the Manna Shake to replace 1 to 2 meals per day and you will see the results after day 1.

Pack Size:

2 x 600g

The Manna Low GI Shake is available at:available atManna blood sugar support with 2 shakes and shaker combo

Manna Blood Sugar Support 180


Manna is 100% organic & natural and works in a unique way by helping to maintain even blood sugar levels. In other words, Manna Blood Sugar Support can help to reduce the GI of the food you eat by up to 43%.


Only if allergic to ingredients.


Manna Blood Sugar Support is a nutritional supplement and not a medicine

Dosage & Directions for Use

1 to 2 tablets 3 times per day with food.

Pack Size

180 Capsules

The Manna Blood Sugar Support is available at:available atManna blood sugar support with 2 shakes and shaker combo

Additional information


Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Strawberry, Strawberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla

18 reviews for 2 Shakes, Blood Sugar Support 180 & Shaker Combo

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  1. Puseletso (store manager)

    Easy to prepare especially using the shaker

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  2. Charmaine Wheeler (store manager)

    I have tried a number of other products that are on the market, but the Manna products are far superior to others I have tried, and more cost effective! No more hunger bouts or ravenous cravings for bad choices in food and snacks. I am 100% satisfied with the Manna range I ordered and would recommend the brand with confidence.

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  3. Michelle Edwards (store manager)

    Manna Health products are affordable. I love my blood sugar tablets, it really works for me, the shake keeps me full for a while, in between I’ll nibble on nuts or a snack to keep me full longer. I just need to be more disciplined as I am aware that I cannot only rely on the products, but I have to do my part as well, ex. exercising and to eat a healthy plate at night. I do take my shake twice a day. Thank You Manna Health for your quality products and your excellent customer care. I do not feel like a customer, but I feel as I am part of the Manna Health team. xxxxx

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  4. Frank (store manager)

    Have been using these products for a while now. Great taste, I like the malty taste great in a smoothie mix with bananas, chocolate chip yogurt,some oats and a dab of honey. Delicious!!

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  5. Hester Maree (store manager)

    Is my eerste keer wat ek die shake gekoop het. Die strawberry is lekkerder as die Vanilla. Gebruik nou 2 weke en voel al klaar beter (meer energie). Dankie

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  6. Yolande Albert (store manager)

    This was the first time I purchased the shake. I feel great as I am gluten free and diary free. I use Almond milk with the shake and it works. Great as a meal replacement

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  7. Beverly Grieve (store manager)

    Love the Chocolate Milkshake use as a meal replacement . No cravings and not hungry

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  8. FRIEDA KOTZEE (store manager)

    Frieda Kotzee

    Ek gebruik die shakes al vir paar jaar en hou in besonder van die Strawberry en Chocolate geur vir ten minste een maaltyd vervanging.
    Ek is beindruk met die Blood Sugar pille saam met Shake ek kry nie gravings nie en drink beslis meer water.

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  9. Zania Joubert (store manager)

    This really takes away my cravings. I am also very slowly starting to loose some weight! Happy with the product and online service!

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  10. Vee (store manager)

    The taste of the shakes has greatly improved . I use cold water for the shake and really taste good.I am breast feeding and can easily replace breakfast and lunch and not be hungry at all. I have enough energy for the day and feel lighter. No cravings and no side effects at all.

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  11. Helene van Hansen (store manager)

    Hierdie was my eerste keer wat ek die shake gekoop het en ek koop dit beslis weer. Ek voel vol na n maaltyd, die pille help ook dat ek nie daardie cravings kry nie. Dankie vir n kwaliteit, bekostigbare produk.

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  12. Hercules Grobler (store manager)

    I am using it for less than a month now.The shakes tastes not too bad. I like the strawberry more. So far it have helped me losing a little bit if weight. I actually bought it with the blood sugar support to help regulate my high blood sugar. My blood sugar have dropped from above 10 to around 8. I still use my blood sugar pills, so I will see what difference it makes after a while.

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  13. karine (store manager)

    Goeie waarde vir geld. Mens moet die tekstuur en smaak bietjie gewoond raak, maar vind as dit met melk en ys in die blender gemaak word dit baie lekker is. Selfs my kinders hou daarvan. Sal dit weer koop.

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  14. Sonja (store manager)

    Wonderlike produk

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  15. Petra Hattingh (store manager)

    Thanks for your stunning Products!!
    Effective and beneficial in using all of Manna’s Products!
    Thanks again… Manna!!

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  16. Jen (store manager)

    I enjoy the Strawberry and Chocolate Shakes. I’ve replaced lunch with it and it works for me! I’m not hungry at all – not even peckish before supper. The taste of the Shakes is fine too. Thanks for this great product.

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  17. Nicolette (store manager)

    I’m enjoying the Manna experience, i.e. the shakes and Blood Sugar support for the last month or so. I’m not feeling hungry or have any cravings at all! Will definitely continue using the product and lifestyle change. So happy that I started on this journey.

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  18. Cecile botha (store manager)

    Good day. At first the taste was horrible to mè but I realized if you use well chilled milk it tastes better. I am used to the taste now. I sometimes forget to take my tablets before any meal but drinks it the moment I remember. I feel healthier. Not as tired as I used to be. Drink more water and definately crave sweet stuff less. I will buy this product again.

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