I found once I had taken Manna Menopause Support for a month (and am still taking it twice a day), I stopped having pains in my abdomen almost totally. This is the only product which I have added to my daily “pill intake” and has made the most difference. I will continue to take this product indefinitely now. Thank you.


I’ve been on the Menopause support for 2 months now and this is my experience using them: I started with a dosage of 2 daily and after 4 days found I needed to increase the dosage. I am now on 2 tabs 3x daily. If I forget my lunchtime dose, I feel it immediately! And if I take my morning dose a bit later in the morning I feel that too! My main problem is the most violent hot flushes you can imagine, with nausea and a feeling that my brain is boiling in my skull and my skin felt like it was sun burnt all the time, even though I never lie in the sun! The feeling that I had been slapped in the face with a hot wet towel was too awful! This would happen all day and all night, 24/7. I’m 51 years old and I have suffered with this for 13 years and have tried every imaginable natural product on the market including homeopathy and nothing has ever helped past the 2 month mark. I would try something and it would help for 2 months and then I would be back to square one.I didn’t want to live anymore! I have just started my second batch of the 3 month special. Although my 3 month purchase of tabs will not last me anywhere near 3 months as I am on the highest dosage, I am certainly willing to stick with it and hope that this will now be the right treatment for me at long last because I finally feel human again and sleep better as well!Thank you Manna! 


I’ve been using the menopause caplets for a time and then stopped for about a month and really felt the difference. With Manna’s Menopause caplets I can stay true my saying: “me no pause”. I am not going to do the typical menopause symptoms. Thanks you guys. 

Pierette Fourie

I have now called these pills my HAPPY PILLS. Without them, my skin itches, my levels of fatigue are high, my temper is a little dicey (good in some instances!) but I have been taking these manna pills for four months now, and I am delighted with the results. Unfortunately my varicose veins need extra help – they are quite bad – so I have just begun to take the Circulation pills as well. Watch this space! With my grateful thanks. 

Natalie Jacobsen

I’m a 58 year old female, and I’ve had problems with my nails being brittle and my hair breaking of in masses, and not sleeping well at night, being awake moste of the time. Then I’ve seen an advert of Manna Menopause Support and decided to give it a go. This is now a year that I’ve been using it, and…… my hair is stronger, my nails harder, and I sleep well at night. So this really made a big change in my life. 

Loraine Viljoen

Have been taking Manna Menopause for 1 month now,and already feel the benefit. The pains in my legs,abdomen and headaches have subsided, hot flushes have eased as well. And having good deep sleep at night! So happy I took the chance to try Manna Menopause.

Vanessa Swart

I was experiencing hot sweats, sleepless nights, stopped my monthly menstrual cycle etc, but I WILL NOT go a day without these magic pills, I will never look back again, did not have to go and see a doctor either. I can now sleep, no more hot sweats, has brought my menstrual cycle back and I feel like myself again! Thank you to Manna Menopause Support!! 

Karen Smerdon

I’ve been using the Menopause Support for the past 2 months and I can honestly say, there has been a great improvement in my health. I am sleeping more comfortably and the hot flushes are not as bad as it used to be. Thank you Manna Products for a great product. 


Hot flushes were my biggest menopausal problem. Whilst the product does not totally eliminate them it really does make it more manageable and it is quite noticeable when you forget to take one.  


Started taking this product and have no mood swings, and feeling a whole lot better in myself. Thank You


I have been using the Menopause Support for a week now and I am definately sleeping better. The bloated feeling is a thing of the past. I am really excited because if this is the result after one week I can’t wait to see the results after three months. 


Yes, I truly believe that your Menopause Support is manna from Heaven and I think any woman “suffering” with menopause will agree once they’ve tried this product. I cannot stop raving about it and telling my friends about it. My hot flushes have decreased; I can even now look forward to going out with my friends and enjoying a cocktail with them where before Menopause Support I could not even have one sip of alcohol without feeling sick. Cannot thank you enough for this product. It truly saved my life. 

Charmaine de Wit

All I can say fantastic product,before used other products but no relieve of sweating and hot flushes,when I went into a shop it looked like someone poured a bucket of water over my head, I felt so ashamed started with the Manna Menopause pills the Saturday, and Wednesday I felt already the hot flushes was less and the sweating was basically gone, will never use a other product again. Now after 1 week the sweat is gone and the hot flushes. 


I have been using this product for more than a year & have to say that it has helped me a lot especially with night sweats & palpitations. Thank you. 


I was at the end of my rope trying to live with the hot flushes and tried so many products that did absolutely nothing for me. I finally got to order your Menopause Support – have been taking them for a week now and definitely a big decrease in the number and intensity of the flushes so will be ordering more!!! Was also very impressed in the speed at which I received my product – 1 day. Thanks Manna you are making my life more bearable.

Louise Waldeck

This is a great product and recommend it to anyone about to or is going through menopause. Try this before you try anything drugs. It has helped me with my moods especially.

Angela Jacbos

I wouldn’t be able to cope without these tablets, they really have helped with my hut flashes, irritability, etc, etc.  


I have been using this product for almost a year and find that it really helps with my menopause symptoms, i.e. mood swings, hot flushes, hair growth, erratic sleeping patterns.


This product has totally alleviated all my symptoms relating menopause including my hot flushes and irritability. I’m very happy with this product and would highly recommend it. 

Carol Topham

I Started with the Shake,menopause,Fat and blood sugar tablets 10 days ago and lost 6 kg
I feel gr8, it not just the weight lost, as I still have another 40kg to go, but I feel good. No more hot flushes, im no irretable, my mood has changed. I feel happier and healthier. I can defenitly recommend Manna. It is not easy losing the weight, but the shake helps by giving some energy and nessecary nutrients. All I can say to anyone that needs to lose the weight and wants to feel good,try Manna. You have nothing to loose (accept the weight. Its also easy to order online. I received my products in 3 days. The specials gr8, because you can order differant combinations of what you need and save money. 


I definitely recommend Manna Menopause Support to everyone who’s going throw menopause. I felt a difference even after 1 week.Thanks for a wonderfull product.

Ellen Weyers

I have been take Manna Menopause Support tables for just over a week now and I can already feel the difference, I am not getting as many hot flushes. Thank you to Manna, I will most definitely let my friends and family know. 


This product really supports. I have been using it for a week now and already experience a difference. The itchy skin, hot flashes, night sweats and lack of sleep has reduced tremendously. I started off with two tablets in the morning and two after dinner. This product works for me and I hope that with continuous use it will eliminate all these symptoms. Thank you MANNA for a great product with no side effects. 


I’ve been taking Manna’s Menopause support for about 6 months now, at 6 caplets per day. I no longer have night sweats, which has made a HUGE diffenrence in my life. I no longer have hot flashes with that anxious feeling anymore either. I’m reluctant to stop or to reduce the dose, as there is NO WAY that I could cope if all these symptoms came back! Thanks for a great product! 


I found this helpful ,didn’t take it a few days and the hot flushes came back. I take 4 a day. Thank you very much. 


I have been using this product for 3 months and cant believe the difference. My hair has stopped breaking and falling out, my nails are no longer brittle, and i am sleeping like a baby – no more hot flushes. I have even put my mother (69 years old) on the product and for a person who has always had very thin fine hair, she now has very healthy thick hair. She is no longer moody. We will definately carry on using this product.


I do not believe in taking medicines as I believe that any medicine that suppresses one symptom causes another symptom which might not be as irritating, I decided to take menopause support because I like to cuddle up to my husband but every time I got close to him I had hot flushes and had to move away, since taking only 2 tablets at breakfast the hot flushes are significantly less and I haven’t experienced any other side effects. 


I’m a 58 year old female, and I’ve had problems with my nails being brittle and my hair breaking of in masses, and not sleeping well at night, being awake moste of the time. Then I’ve seen an advert of Manna Menopause Support and decided to give it a go. This is now a year that I’ve been using it, and…… my hair is stronger, my nails harder, and I sleep well at night. So this realy made a big change in my life.

Loraine Viljoen

Vandat ek die produk begin gebruik het het daar ‘n drastiese verander plaasgevind. My liggaamsvet is baie minder. Ek het gesukkel met sirkulasie en dit het gestop. Ek het vreeslike jeukende aanvalle gekry, waar ek my arms stukkend gekrap het en die Menopause help regtig baie daarvoor. Baie dankie vir jul vlinke diens. Dit is regtig ‘n voorreg om jul produkte te gebruik. Baie dankie 

Francis MacLaren

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