8 Ways to Make Weight Loss Fun!

8 ways to make weight loss fun!

You’ll be more likely to stick to a weight loss plan that it one big party instead of a drag. 

Dragging your feet through a gruelling exercise routine and forcing down unappetizing diet food is no way to live.  

Did you know that trying to turn unenjoyable activities into habits is really tough, perhaps even impossible?  

Habits should be fun because they are more likely to stick when they are enjoyable. When something is enjoyable, we are more likely to look forward to it and motivated to make it a part of our daily routines. 

The best weight loss plans are super fun!

Find out how to make your weight loss activities fun so that you can keep doing them. Sticking to healthy habits is the fastest way of losing weight


8 ways to make weight loss fun

Here are eight things you can do to make your weight loss more enjoyable.

  1. Start with the right intensity

If the challenge feels too hard, such as trying to run 15 kilometres on your first exercise day, it might not be fun at all. It is difficult to lose weight when you feel overwhelmed. Start with easy exercises that challenge you just enough. Perhaps start by running around the block in your neighbourhood and gradually make your route longer. 


  1. Schedule a day of delight

It is possible to start eating healthier and exercising daily. But you won’t change your unhealthy habits into healthy ones overnight. To make the transition easier, you can plan for a special day where you can indulge a bit. You can look forward to enjoying some treats and perhaps have a lazy day. 


  1. Eat a variety of foods

If you find yourself feeling bored with dieting, it is usually due to the fact that you are eating the same meals over and over again. To combat this, you can try and eat a lot of different foods and dishes. This change can help to break the monotony and provide positive results.

Eating a variety of food will not only make it easier to stick to healthy eating but eating a variety of foods can also strengthen your gut health and good gut health can help you lose weight


  1. Add music to your routine

When an activity seems a little difficult or dull, play some tunes. Play your favourite playlist while preparing your healthy food or exercising. 

Studies have shown that listening to upbeat, motivating music with phrases such as “push it,” “I believe,” and “work it” can help make exercise routines more bearable, and even help people stay on track to reach their fitness goals. 

But why does this work? One theory is that music can help people increase their intensity while working out, leading to faster weight loss results. 

There are lots of premade workout playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. Spotify also generates personalised workout playlists for their subscribers containing some of their favourite songs. 


  1. Do activities that don’t feel like exercise

Burning calories is crucial for weight loss; you burn calories by moving your body.  But don’t suffer through an exercise routine that you abhor. Rather choose fun activities.

If you’ve been unable to stay committed to exercising in the past, then it may be time to try out something new. To help you out, we’ve got a few fun workout ideas to get you motivated and on track. 

You can try:

  • Fitness video games
  • Hiking
  • Dance lessons
  • Trampoline fitness classes
  • Team sports like tennis or basketball 
  • To volunteer as a dog walker or walk your own dog


  1. Reward yourself well

Rewards are motivating! If there is a prize waiting for you at the finish line of completing your goal, you will be more likely to achieve your goal. Don’t reward your weight loss efforts with junk food. Rather reward yourself with an enjoyable activity such as a manicure or buy some workout gear. 


  1. Start a vegetable garden

Gardening is a fabulous way to help weight loss. Not only does it have the potential to burn between 200 and 400 calories every hour, but it is also a fantastic way to provide your family with healthy and delicious low-calorie meals. Having your own veggies and herbs in your backyard means that you will have a sustainable source of nutrition that you can use to prepare healthy meals—it’s a win-win!


  1. Talk yourself into it

It’s easy for us to talk ourselves into things by convincing ourselves of the benefits or potential fun. We need to make the conscious decision to enjoy our weight loss journey in order for it to be successful. Studies say that this attitude can help us form new habits. Many may think that weight loss can’t be enjoyable; however, this thought is something we come up with on our own. Weight loss can actually be fun – we just have to decide that it is!



Weight loss and fun goes hand in hand. You can lose weight whilst enjoying life! By implementing these eight habits you’ll be well on your way to turn your weight loss journey into a party! 


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