How does the Glycaemic Index work?

How does the Glycaemic Index work?

Utilise the glycaemic index to lower your blood sugar levels

People with diabetes are universally advised to eat foods low on the glycaemic index. The GI is specifically designed to avoid blood sugar spikes. Learn more about the glycaemic index (GI) and the benefits and limitations of following a low GI diet. 


What is the glycaemic index?

Carbohydrates in various foods break down into glucose (sugar). 

Some foods digest lightning-fast, releasing glucose into your bloodstream quickly. These foods can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. 

Other foods take longer to digest, releasing glucose gradually into your bloodstream. 

The GI is a rating system for carbohydrates, which ranks them according to how quickly they are digested, and how quickly glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream. 

The glycaemic index ranks food on a scale from 0 to 100. 

The GI organizes foods with carbs into three categories.

Here are the three GI ratings:

  • Low: 55 or less
  • Medium: 56–69
  • High: 70 or above


Foods that are rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar are digested more rapidly and often have a high GI value, while those that are high in protein, fat, or fibre generally have a low GI value. Foods that contain no carbohydrates are not given a GI value and include items such as meat, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, and oils.

People with diabetes would ideally want to eat foods low on the GI scale to avoid blood sugar spikes. 


The benefits of a low- GI diet:

The greatest benefit of following a low GI diet is more stable blood sugar levels. 

Here are some more benefits of eating foods low on the GI:

  1. Increased energy levels: Low GI foods are digested more slowly, meaning they provide a steady release of energy throughout the day, rather than resulting in a sugar rush followed by an energy crash. 
  2. Improved digestion: Low GI foods are easier to digest, which can help to reduce symptoms of indigestion and other digestive problems. 
  3. Improved satiety: Because low GI foods are digested more slowly, they help to keep you feeling fuller for longer and reduce cravings for unhealthy snacks. Feeling full for longer can help you lose weight. 


How do I know what the GI ranking of food is?

It is not always that easy to know what foods cause blood sugar spikes. Surprisingly watermelon has a high GI ranking and boiled potatoes have a ranking of more than 90. 

To find out what the GI ranking of various food is, you can turn to websites or apps.


The GI ranking of food can be found on various websites, including on our website, the glycemic index website, the American Diabetes Association website, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health website.



Glycemic Index Load Tracker

Glycemic Index. Diabetes diary

Glycemic Index


What are the limitations of the GI? 

Like all grading systems, the GI has shortcomings. Here are the most common limitations of the GI:

  1. The GI only measures the glycaemic response to an individual food item and does not take into account the total effect of a meal. 
  2. The GI does not take into account the variety of foods consumed as part of a meal or the different ways in which these foods are prepared. 
  3. The GI can be impacted by other factors such as the ripeness of the food, the type of starch, the amount of fibre, and the amount of fat in the food. 


Pro Tip

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Knowing how the GI works can help you avoid food that will cause your blood sugar levels to spike. By eating low-GI foods you can keep your blood sugar levels more stable. Following a low GI diet will also increase your energy levels, improve your digestion and help with weight loss.  


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