Natural Remedies for Managing Menopause

Natural Remedies for Managing Menopause

Menopause can be a tough time for women, but it doesn’t have to be.

From the power of plants to the magic of mindfulness, let’s explore the world of natural solutions for menopause symptoms.

Get ready to take control of your symptoms and feel your best with these simple and effective remedies.

But first…


What exactly is menopause?

Menopause is a normal part of aging for women and is diagnosed when a woman stops having her monthly period for 12 months in a row. It’s caused by the decrease in hormones produced by the ovaries – estrogen and progesterone. Menopause marks the end of a woman’s ability to have children and typically occurs around age 51. The time before menopause, from the start of periods to menopause, is called pre-menopause.

Here are 8 facts you should know about menopause…


What are the most common symptoms of menopause?

Menopause has 34 well-known symptoms, but the 10 most common ones include:

  1. Hot flushes
  2. Night sweats
  3. Loss of libido
  4. Vaginal Dryness
  5. Mood Swings
  6. Fatigue
  7. Hair loss
  8. Memory lapses
  9. Weight gain
  10. Dizziness

For the full list of symptoms, click here.


Let’s take a look at what natural remedies can be used to treat menopause and it’s symptoms.

  1. Eucalyptus Bark Extract (Flavonoids and Polyphenols)

Anti-Oxidant – Natures super anti-oxidant, helps to boost the immune system.

Polyphenols – helps to overcome the symptoms of menopause, including hot flushes. It also assists in the prevention and fighting of osteoporosis and breast cancer.


  1. Soy Bean Isoflavones– Phyto-estrogen

The main components of soy are proteins, soybean oil and carbohydrates. These are healthy components but the soy Isoflavones are responsible for many health benefits. Dried soybeans contain about 200 mg Soy Isoflavones per 100 g soybeans.


  1. Calcium lactate – Calcium supplements

Calcium Lactate may be administered in low blood calcium levels (Hypocalcaemia), Osteoporosis, and Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis Prevention.


  1. Maca Root (Peruvian Ginseng) – Phyto-estrogen

This so-called “Peruvian Ginseng” is from South America and is rapidly gaining attention in the United States for its success in supporting energy, stamina, libido and with hormone balancing for men and women.

Maca is used for menopausal symptoms, menstrual disorders and as an aphrodisiac. It acts as an energizer and anti-stress agent.


  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential anti-oxidant required by the body. It helps to minimize the effects of menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes and night sweats. It acts as a substitute for estrogen and works in perfect synergy with the rest of the ingredients in Manna Menopause Support to offer wholesome relief from menopause and its symptoms.


  1. Vitamin D – Cancer preventive effect

This little wonder of a vitamin plays a central role in many body processes and is on the A-list for menopausal women. Studies have linked it to preventing heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer and weight gain. If that seems like a lot of prevention in one little vitamin, it is. The problem, though, is that as many as half of adults are deficient in vitamin D and are therefore not benefiting from it. Manna Menopause Support has enough vitamin D to meet your recommended daily requirements.


What if all of these where combined into one product? That is exactly what the Manna Menopause Support is.

The Manna Menopause Support supplement was formulated with all these essential ingredients which are well known for reducing menopausal symptoms because it helps to increase estrogen levels in the most natural way possible, without any side effects.

Forget about chemical hormone replacement supplements and therapy; go for the natural option that doesn’t have any of the negative side effects of the formerly mentioned.

Natural supplements, like the Manna Menopause Support, can be a safe and effective treatment option, because it does not have the threat of cancer risk like hormone replacement therapies.

“Manna menopause support saved not only my relationships with other people, but also gave me new energy and I feel like my old normal self. My emotional rollercoaster days are gone and forgotten and I am again in control of my emotions. This product is highly recommended to women who wants to use a more natural product and remedy for their menopausal symptoms. “


How Does Manna Menopause Support Work?

Manna Menopause Support assists in the improvement of vascular stability. The product provides Phyto-estrogens to act similar as animal estrogen. The other nutrients are for enhanced bone density.

The different ingredients work in a synergistic manner to assist in the reduction of the symptoms of pre-menopause and menopause. The combination of these ingredients helps to alleviate menopausal symptoms.


Benefits of Manna Menopause Support

  • Helps to relief of hot flushes.
  • Assist in the balancing of mood fluctuation.
  • Increase energy levels.
  • Helps to increase Libido.
  • Helps to reverse vaginal dryness.
  • May help to sleep better.
  • Assist in the improvement of memory and brain function.
  • Helps to manage stress.
  • Help increase stamina.
  • Helps reduce osteoporosis.

“I will definitely recommend this product to anyone that suffers from menopause. Especially with the constant hot flushes. I have been using this now for only a month and I have not have any hot flushes for the last two weeks. This is a miracle product and it is all natural. I love the Manna products, because it really works “

Elsabe Swiegers

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