3 Foods To Avoid With Type 2 Diabetes

3 Foods To Avoid With Type 2 Diabetes

Sugar is obviously the number 1 thing to stay away from for people with type 2 diabetes. But what else is there?

When we break it down to a simple and basic description, type 2 diabetes is due to blood sugar levels that are not balanced. And what causes blood sugar levels to go up and down the whole time? Yes, that’s right, food. Some foods can help lower blood sugar levels, whilst others make it skyrocket completely…


Here are the 3 types of food to avoid with any type 2 diabetes diet:

  1. Fats

Low-fat options are usually a good choice as many processed fats can be very bad for your blood sugar and your overall health. It can lead to various other health complications which affect the heart and joints. Low-fat substitutes can help lower your blood sugar levels. But even more importantly, be wary of carbs…

  1. General Carbohydrates

Carbs are a part of any balanced diet, but they can often cause the blood sugar levels to spike very easily. A good way to choose the right carbohydrates is by opting for those with lower GI values. You have to monitor carbohydrates very closely as you can easily have too much and have a dilemma on your hands. Also, never forget to take into account what you drink…

  1. Alcohol

When your blood sugar levels are a bit unstable, it is best to steer clear of alcohol, as it can make your blood sugar shoot up after only a drink or two. Luckily, there are ways to help manage diabetes a lot better…


Natural solutions for diabetes

For a very simple and easy-to-follow menu plan, download the new and free Diabetic e-book from the Manna website. Take the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with each meal to help control blood sugar levels, cravings and appetite. It gels with the food we eat, and slow releases the sugar into the bloodstream. This allows the body to use it for sustained energy over a longer period of time. It also helps to eliminate blood sugar spikes and crashes, which means we don’t get hungry so easily and don’t constantly feel tired.
Manna Blood Sugar Support is 100% organic & natural and works in a unique way by slowing down the absorption of glucose from the food you eat by up to 43%.
In other words, Manna Blood Sugar Support reduces the GI of the food you eat by up to 43%.


Benefits of Manna Blood Sugar Support

  • Helps to maintain even blood sugar levels.
  • Keep you more satisfied after a meal, which means that the same meal can take you much further and cause you to eat less, which can help with natural weight loss.
  • Helps to control cravings.
  • Helping to keep energy levels constant.
  • Even blood sugar levels can help to prevent diabetic health complications.


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