Has Poor Blood Circulation Left You Cold?

Has Poor Blood Circulation Left You Cold

Cold Hands, Fingers, Feet and Toes are extremely common during winter.

The leading cause for this is poor blood circulation.


Common Causes of Poor Circulation

    • Smoking is a sure-fire reason for this, and although it may not be easy, it is much better to kick the habit.
    • Many years of no exercise and being inactive can easily lead to bad blood circulation. It doesn’t suddenly happen overnight, and usually creeps up on a person. However, you can improve things fairly quickly if you just get up and be more active!
    • Eating the wrong things like too much junk food and unhealthy sweets can usually lead to being overweight. Being overweight is also a very big reason for poor blood circulation. Along with getting more active, eating healthy can help you to improve your blood circulation in no time at all!


Tips to get the Circulation going again

1. Take a short 5-min stretch break every hour:

This helps make sure that you get the blood pumping to all the parts of your body. This can help you concentrate better, feel less tense, and also warm you up a bit in the cold winter.

2. Exercise more:

Stretching is good when you are at home or at work, but you have to make time for some proper exercise. It only has to be 30 minutes per day, 3-5 times per week. The most important thing is to find some form of exercise that you enjoy.

3. Dietary changes:

      • This includes adding more fiber to your diet. Try eating more fruit and vegetables each day.
      • Another thing you can do is to drink more fresh water. (At least 5 or 6 glasses per day)
      • Reduce any coffee or tea intake. (Try limit it to 2 cups per day)
      • Alcohol can also have a negative effect on your blood circulation, so keep moderation in mind.
      • For a healthy lifestyle, follow the Manna Diet as given in the free e-book.

4. Natural Supplements:

      • Certain herbs like cayenne, garlic, ginkgo biloba and ginger can help along blood flow.
      • Circulatory difficulties can be treated with medication. However, we usually recommend a more natural approach if at all possible. The Manna Blood Circulation Support supplement was especially formulated with natural ingredients to help increase blood flow without any side effects.


Manna Blood Circulation Support is available at:

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