Reverse Type 2 Diabetes In 3 Steps

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes In 3 Steps

You’ve just come from your doctor and have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes!

Once you are over the shock, you begin to worry if it even possible to reverse type 2 diabetes?

You have heard horrible tales of the damage diabetes can do to your body.  You certainly don’t want blindness, amputation, impotence, recurring infections, gum disease or heart attack to happen to you.

What’s your response?  “Quick doctor, give me some medicine so I can get on with my life”.

While you may be given some meds by your physician, the truth is that contrary to previous beliefs, you actually do have control over what happens to you as a result of this scary diagnosis.  You, and only you, can reverse your Type 2 Diabetes and we will show you how to do it the natural way.


The worlds health care providers are learning more about Type II diabetes every day.

Again and again, research tells us that the damages that come from uncontrolled diabetes can be prevented and even be reversed.  Not only can they be prevented or slowed to a stop, but you already have most of the tools necessary to insure that your diabetes is kept in control, with you as the controller.

Most diabetics see their physicians about 4 times at year, for maybe 30 minutes each time, and the rest of the year it is up to them to manage the day-to-day living with this chronic disease.

Did you know that it’s within your power to regulate your Type 2 Diabetes?  If you follow this 3 Steps you can Reverse Type 2  Diabetes the Natural Way, and become healthy, stronger, able to enjoy your life fully, and able to function like other healthy people.


Here are the steps you must take to regain control of your body and even reverse type 2 diabetes: 

1. Measure Your Blood Sugar Often

Now that you have received a diagnosis of diabetes, get yourself a glucose meter to monitor your blood glucose levels every day.

These blood meters come with a lancet that contains a very sharp, very small needle that will prick your finger for the drop of blood the meter requires.  Have the doctor or nurse give you instructions for using the meter and the lancet.

Do not be frightened about having to stick your finger to draw a drop of blood – this is the most important procedure you can learn to do if you want to control your diabetes.
It is a MUST, that you test your blood at least four times a day when first beginning to control your diabetes.

This blood meter and the readings it gives you, is the tool that gives you the most important information – your blood sugar numbers.  Without this information, you won’t know what steps to take to reverse your type 2 diabetes.

The information from your blood meter is what you use to determine what is happening to you based upon your very own food choices. You will now be able to decide what food groups to select and which to avoid.

What you are measuring is the amount of glucose (blood sugar) in your blood, especially after meals.  What we want to determine is how much your blood sugar spikes after each meal.  Different foods will have different reactions on your blood sugar. Never take your blood glucose reading within 2 hours after a meal.

What is a normal blood sugar count?

The average blood sugar reading on a non-diabetic is about 4.6mmol/L.  Anywhere from the mid 3.8mmo/L up to 4.95mmol/L is preferable.  If your readings higher than that – you probably have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

The best time to check your blood sugar is the 1st thing in the morning as soon after rising as possible; 2 hours after each meal; and again before retiring for the night.  If your blood sugar is rising to 7.75mmol/L and above after meals, you need to adjust your eating habits.

2. Control Your Blood Sugar With the Foods You Eat 

      • What foods affect blood sugar the most?

Carbohydrates and sugars will cause the biggest swing in your blood sugar.   Processed carbohydrates, grains, flours, cereals, breads – even whole wheat, cookies, cakes, potatoes, rice and most grains, and last but not least, sugars and anything that ends in “ose” such as sucrose and maltose and most importantly High Fructose Corn Syrup are the big no no’s if you have diabetes.

You have been told that a healthy diet is full of whole grains and lots of fruit.  This is not a healthy diet for diabetics, and will cause your blood sugar to spike significantly.

      • What foods can I eat that don’t spike my blood sugars?

Protein should be your first choice for every meal.  Start you day by eating proteins; choose eggs, an omelette, or a hard-boiled egg if you are on the run.  Add some meat and some vegetables if you have the time.  Proteins will not cause your blood sugar to rise significantly.  Many diabetics are being told to avoid eating fats.  But fats, good fats are precisely what will not raise your blood sugar at all.

      • What does that mean to most diabetics? 

It means that eating meats and poultry and fish of all types are good food for diabetics and not to be avoided.  Eggs, butter, and cheese are OK too. (in moderation)

Green, leafy vegetables and non-starchy vegetables won’t give much of a blood sugar raise, that’s the carbohydrates you should eat.

Berries are the fruits allowed for diabetics, and you must eat those sparingly.

      • What about Fats?

Contrary to popular belief eating fat does not make you fat.  Eating fat does not give you heart disease.  Eating fat does not raise your cholesterol.  In fact, not eating enough fat can make you fat.  Our bodies need fat to survive and to make hormones.  In fact, more than 50% of the dry weight of our brains is fat!

So go ahead and eat Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, butter, nuts, avocados, olives and seeds like sunflower seeds.  They are all good for you.

      • Here is an idea the good food that you can eat
          1. Proteins, including all meats, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, or protein whey drinks.
          2. All green leafy vegetables and any of the other vegetables that are not starchy.  Most of the red veggies are fine. Try to eat a variety of greens and colored vegetables.
          3. Nuts, seeds, avocados, olives and their oils are all good for you.
          4. Berries should be your fruit of choice.  Eat these sparingly.
          5. Beverages that you can drink are water, coffee and tea sweetened with Xylitol or Stevia.
      • Test two hours after each meal

It takes about 45 minutes to 2 hours for us to digest our foods and for our blood sugar to spike.  If your 2 hour after-meal test remains under 6.6 mmol/L or lower, it is good.

Blood sugar ranges from 6.6 mmol/L and up are dangerous.  Research shows that nerve and organ damage from diabetes begin when our blood sugar gets over 6.6 mmol/L.  Remember, we want to keep our blood sugar readings in the range of 4.1-4.9mmol/L.

Test your blood sugar and write it down.  Keep a log of which foods raise your blood sugar up and which foods allow it to remain in the perfect range. Do this 4 -5 times each day, especially 2 hours after eating.

This is how you control your blood sugar.  Don’t eat the foods that cause your blood sugar to soar.  Stick with foods like protein and vegetables that do not raise your blood sugar.

3. Get Up and Start moving

Walking is a great way to get moving.  When the weather allows, go for a bike ride, hike the trails, and walk on the beach or at the lake or river.

It turns out that lifting weights is especially good for diabetics.  Weight lifting moves the glucose out of your muscles and lowers your blood sugar.  You don’t have to join a gym, just get some dumbbells and work out at home.

We have learned that the best medicine to control diabetes is the right food and exercise.  Add to this the fact that you now learned which foods to eat and which to avoid, you are armed with the knowledge to make miracles happen by reversing your Type 2 diabetes the natural way.


Extra Help

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