Burn Up To 26% More Fat With Omega-3, -6 And -9

Burn Up To 26% More Fat With Omega-3, -6 And -9

Lacking essential fats?

Recently, the health benefits of omega essential fatty acids have become more nationally known. Specifically, omega-3, -6 and -9 have shown to burn fat and have weight loss benefits. Omega-3 is often found in fish oil, while omegas-6 and -9 are found in flax-seed oil, olive oil and vegetable oil. One study showed that people who consumed an omega fatty acid supplement burned fat at a 26% higher rate than those who did not. Knowing what dosage of omega essential fatty acid supplements to take can help you lose weight in addition to remaining healthy.

Step 1

The dosage can vary based on your age, gender and physical activity level. Usually, doses of omega fatty acids range from 12 to 22 grams per day.

Step 2

Eat foods that contain omega essential fatty acids. Such foods include nuts, vegetable oil, olive oil, flax seed, tuna and salmon.

Omega-3 fish oil helps increase your metabolism, which can help burn more fat at a faster rate. It also increases your insulin levels, which can ultimately result in weight loss. Omega-6 and -9 contribute to brain and heart functions, which in turn aid the body in digesting food and processing fats. This causes the body’s metabolism to increase, ultimately helping you lose weight.

Step 3

Avoid bad fats, which include saturated and trans-fats. Foods to avoid include margarine, fried chips, any food which were deep fried, cookies and Crips which contain saturated or trans-fats. If you prefer to drink milk, be sure to buy skim or fat free milk. Saturated fats raise cholesterol and increase the probability of strokes and heart disease. Tran’s fats lower your HDL levels, which are the good cholesterol, and raise your LDL levels, which is the bad cholesterol.

The good types of fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Monounsaturated helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. It is especially good in helping to control diabetes. Polyunsaturated fats reduce triglycerides in the body and can also prevent the growth of tumors. Lastly, polyunsaturated fats can increase the efficiency of your immune system.

Step 4

Continue exercising regularly. Simply increasing your omega fatty acids intake will not cause you to lose weight. You must be active and work hard to get to your ideal weight.



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