5 Weight Loss Myths Busted

5 Weight Loss Myths Busted

It feels like we are bombarded with a new diet fad every week. But what actually works?

There is so much controversy when it comes to dieting that it can leave you confused. There are many common misconceptions. Time to bust a few weight loss myths.


Here are a few of the most common dieting myths and the truth behind them…

Myth 1: Fad diets help you lose weight permanently.

Truth: While some fad diets may help you lose weight quickly, they generally are not great for long-term weight loss. Most of them come down to extreme calorie cutting, which means they arent sustainable in the long run. This also means that once you go back to eating normally, you will probably put on all the weight that you have lost. Rather go after a sustainable healthy and balanced eating plan.

Myth 2: Eating late in the evening will make you gain weight.

Truth: While this is true to some extent, there are other factors that influence your weight a lot more. A calorie is still a calorie no matter what time of day you eat it.

Instead, you should focus on burning more calories in a day than what you consume.

Myth 3: Skipping meals will help you lose weight.

Truth: The exact opposite is true. Going without food for prolonged periods causes your metabolism to slow down and your body to go into a sort of survival mode. Your body then stores any calories it gets as fat, and you start gaining weight, instead of losing it.

It also means that you will be extremely hungry by the time you have your next meal. This causes you to eat more than you should, and in the end you will probably take in more calories than you would have if you didnt skip meals.

Myth 4: Low-fat equals fewer calories.

Truth: These foods often have the same or more calories than their full-fat counterparts. They usually contain added sugars, flour, or starch-based thickening agents in order to put back some of the flavour that was lost when removing the fat.

To avoid such scenarios, make sure that you check the nutritional information on the labels before you buy food.

Myth 5: You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

Truth: Well, there is some truth to it. But you have to be very strict on burning more calories than what you take in. You also have to really limit your portion sizes in order to make it a viable plan.

There are much less confusing ways to eat healthily. If you follow a well-balanced eating plan that you can follow in the long run, then you dont have to worry so much about cutting down your portion sizes and exercising to the max in order to burn all the calories that you eat.


What we recommend…

To take a lot of myth and questions out of the diet or weight loss process, download the free Manna Diet e-book with crucial information, interesting recipes, easy menu plans and exercise examples to follow. If you are serious about weight loss, replace one to two meals per day with the Manna Low GI Shake to help with appetite control as well as to lower total calorie intake.


Manna Low GI Shake

The Manna Low GI Shake is ranked as one of the best products to curb food and sugar cravings and to help the body to require less insulin. The Shake is available in 3 delicious flavours and you can replace 1 to 2 meals per day for effective and healthy weight loss.

Our NEW Manna Low GI Shake is formulated to allow you to skip a meal without losing the needed nutrients and energy, helping you lose weight in an easy and effective way. It also helps manage your blood sugar levels.

The NEW Manna Low GI Shake comprises of 6 ingredients which are high in fibre, protein, and minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Our shake has been proven to help curb food cravings, suppress appetite, and satisfy you for longer.


It couldnt be easier to lose weight.

All you do is choose your favourite flavour of Manna Low GI Shake, add it to milk, water or juice, mix it and there you have a healthy meal in a glass. As simple as that!

We don’t use any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The new Shake is gluten-free, lactose-free, Non-GMO, soy-free. Also, the shake is suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and Diabetics.


Benefits of the Manna Low GI Shake

  • High in fiber
  • Low GI
  • Stops Cravings
  • High Enough Nutritional Value to be regarded as a Meal Replacement
  • The only shake which contains Essential Sugars (Glyco-Nutrients)
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Provides Energy, without Fattening
  • Helps to Control Blood Sugar Levels
  • Organic & Natural

My wife and I have been using the Manna now for just over a year. We both lost more than 20 kgs using it as a meal replacement twice a day. The change in formulation last year did not enhance the taste. As a matter of fact, I was looking to go elsewhere. However, this new formulation tastes great and we will continue to use it. Would be nice if your retail outlets got the new formulation as I dont drink the old one. But I must say, ordering from the factory has been great with speedy delivery.Danie de Waal

I will like to take this opportunity and thank Manna Products for giving me my life back, I started using the Manna shake & Blood sugar support on the 03 May 2017 my weight was 150 kg and I weigh every Monday. Today I am 144.8 kg. I feel light and have energy all day long and sleep well at night. I follow all the advice that you send to me and other ways to eat healthily and enjoy life. Manna Works!!!!Lizzie

I just had the new Chocolate shake with milk instead of yoghurt absolutely delicious!Joan

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