4 Hand Exercises To Improve Blood Circulation To Your Hands

4 Hand Exercises To Improve Blood Circulation To Your Hands

Poor blood circulation can leave you with cold hands this winter!

Apart from feeling extremely cold, poor blood circulation to the hands can leave them in pain or discomfort when doing even simple daily tasks. Luckily it does not have to be an inevitable fate, as you can prevent or even reverse those discomforts by improving poor blood circulation to the hands.


This is how you can improve your blood circulation to your hands:

Hand Exercises:

Exercise is one of the easiest ways to get the blood flowing to your hands. Like all the other parts of your body, the muscles in your hands need oxygen. This is why doing these simple hand exercises; you can help more blood flow to your hands and fingers:

Warm-up exercises:

      • Hold your hands out in front of you and shake them about to get the blood flowing.

Exercise 1: Clenching

      • Ball your hands into fists and keep them clenched for ten seconds, then release (repeat this a few times)
      •  Incorporate a pliable object, such as a rubber ball or piece of crumpled paper to provide additional resistance.

We recommend rubbing Mobility Gel on stiff hands to help improve movement almost immediately.

Exercise 2: Stretching

      • Stretch your hands by spreading out your fingers.
      • Bend each of the joints in your hands and hold each position for a few seconds before proceeding to the next.
      • You can use your other hand to help with the stretching, but do not try to force your fingers to move more than comfort allows.

Exercise 3: Isometric Exercises

      • Begin by holding your hands against your chest, with your palms pressed against each other.
      • Push your hands together for ten seconds, then release and repeat.
      • Clench one hand; push your fist into the palm of your other hand.
      • Hold in place for ten seconds, and then repeat with the other hand.
      • You can incorporate nearby objects, such as walls and tables, into your exercises by pushing your hands against them.
      • Vary the angles at which you push and try alternating between using your fingertips and the palms of your hands.

Exercise 4:

      • Finish your exercise routine by massaging your hand’s muscles with your thumb and fingertips.

Supplement to help increase Blood Flow:

Take the Manna Blood Circulation Support to help increase blood flow the natural way without any side effects. The natural ingredients in the product can help to dilate the arteries so blood can flow freely.

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