Teen Stress Symptoms

Teen Stress Symptoms

Teen-years can feel like one of the most stressful times of your life with school, exams, sports, dating, and pressure from everybody in your life about these situations.

Stress in your teen-years can easily become a lot to handle and when this happens it could result in issues at school or home, and can lead to serious issues like depression and anxiety.


Here are 7 symptoms of teen stress:

1. Anxiety

When experiencing high levels of stress, it can turn from a normal stress response to anxiety. Stress and anxiety is generally set apart when stress starts causing problems at home, at school, or in sport. This is when it becomes anxiety.

2. Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are one of the main symptoms of stress overload, and can be characterized by feeling extreme fear, not in control of what is happening, and is often accompanied by physical symptoms like a racing heart, nausea, chest pain or trouble breathing.

3. Irritability and Moodiness

These are often tell-tale symptoms of stress, and can be seen when a teen who is worried about something is for example arguing with her parents, siblings, or friends. A teen might be happy the one moment, and then be sad or angry for no apparent reason the next.

4. Problems Eating and Sleeping

Stressful situations can result in teens having trouble sleeping, losing their appetite, or eating everything that they see which is known as stress-eating.

5. Physical Symptoms

When teens become stressed, they tend to experience physical symptoms such as nausea, headaches, sweaty palms, trouble concentrating or chest pain. These physical symptoms can cause the teen to become even more anxious.

6. Risky Behaviors

Some teens struggle to cope with stress and end up turning to drugs, alcohol and sex to deal with their emotions and problems.

7. Depression

When stress becomes too overwhelming it can lead to depression. Teens suffering from depression are often sad and moody, struggle with concentrating, feel tired the whole time, have issues eating and sleeping and feel hopeless and worthless. In extreme cases they might even have thoughts of suicide.


Natural Help for Stress

First of all, a healthy diet should be followed. Eliminating refined carbohydrates, sugars and sugary soft drinks is surely the best place to start. Eating enough healthy foods like vegetables and fruit is of the utmost importance. (See the Manna Diet)

Exercise is just as important to rid you of toxins and to increase healthy blood flow.

We also recommend a natural supplement like the Manna Calmer (Junior or Adult) to help calm your nerves and reduce stress related symptoms.

Getting enough, quality sleep can’t be emphasized enough.

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