How To Reduce Acidity In The Body

How To Reduce Acidity In The Body

When the pH levels in the body become acidic, it can lead to trouble…

Problems like gout and arthritis due to acidity in the body are becoming very common – and this should be alarming. Although there are some parts of your diet that will be acidic, you should focus on keeping it alkaline as far as possible.

In order to get your body toward the alkaline side of the pH scale, you will need to be careful of what you eat. Foods that can make your body acidic include things like caffeine, alcohol, refined carbs and sugar, soft drinks, and processed foods.

How to notice if uric acid levels increase…


Some symptoms and signs to be on the lookout for are…

  • Oral Signs –

Acid buildup in the body may result in signs like the saliva being acidic, the development of mouth ulcers, small cracks in the corners of your mouth, and repeated infections in the mouth and throat. Teeth may also become more sensitive and brittle.

  • Skin, Hair and Nail Signs –

Too much acid in the body may cause the skin to become dry, rashes or hives to develop on the skin, your hair to fall out or break off easily, and your nails to become brittle and easy to break.

  • Eye Signs –

When the acid levels in the body rise, it may affect the eyes in a way that they tear up for no reason and appear red and irritated. The corneas and the eyelids can become inflamed, and conjunctivitis may develop.

  • Digestive Signs –

High acidity in the body can lead to problems with the digestive system, as it can cause issues like stomach ulcers, gastritis, and acid reflux.


How to manage high acidity naturally: 

  • Eat the right food –

Try to reduce red meat, sugar, starches and sugary drinks. Follow the guidelines in the FREE  Manna Acid & Alkaline Ebook.

  • Stay hydrated –

Make sure to drink at least 2 litres of purified water per day.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption –

Alcohol is one of the big causes of increased uric acid levels in the body. Try to only drink alcohol on weekends, and even then only 2 drinks per day.

The natural ingredients in this supplement can help to excrete excess uric acid from the body for fast, effective relief of symptoms related to high uric acid levels.

Manna pH Balance was specially formulated from just 5 ingredients, all that have pH balancing qualities.

      • Eucalyptus Extract –

The Flavonoids and Polyphenols from this natural Eucalyptus extract has Anti-Viral and Anti-Inflammatory properties, assisting in the relief and fighting of inflammation caused by high uric acid levels.

      • Asimum triloba (Papaya extract) –

Papaya extract helps to increase acid excretion via the kidneys.

      • Aloe Ferox gum resin (Aloe Bitters) –

Aloe bitters is a strong anti-inflammatory substance which help with the balancing of pH in the body and acts as an antibiotic, with strong detoxifying properties.

      • Curcuma longa folia (Turmeric) –

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

      • Parsley –

Parsley acts as a natural diuretic which can help your body flush out excess uric acid from your bloodstream through your kidneys and urinary tract, thus supporting kidney function.


Manna pH Balance assists in…

  • Relief of arthritis symptoms
  • The relief of gout
  • Relief of osteoarthritis
  • Balancing the pH of the body


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