How Does The Manna Calmer Work?

How Does The Manna Calmer Work?

Reduce stress levels and focus the mind with the help of Manna Calmer.


This all-natural dietary supplement helps elevate mood and decrease anxiety.

The Manna Calmer helps to get stress levels under control by allowing you to calm down and regain focus – the perfect thing for when you need to study or get some work done!


What is Manna Calmer?

  • Calmer is an all-natural dietary supplement that may elevate mood, decrease anxiety and may also help fight off the effects of stress and tension.
  • Calmer is a Botanical product containing a Sceletium tortuosum active ingredient – known to alleviate the effects of stress, social anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, grey-weather syndrome and many other symptoms of our modern lifestyles.
  • Ideal for improving focus and concentration, suitable for scholars, students and everyone. May be beneficial in treating the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorders and Hyperactivity (ADD and ADHD).
  • Also could assist in coping with stressful situations, irritability, mood fluctuations, and emotional tension and may help in the management of mild symptoms of anxiety and depression.


It is available in three strengths…

  • JUNIOR —

5mg Sceletium extract (Ages 9 and up)

  • ADULT —

15mg Sceletium extract (Ages 15 and up)


25mg Sceletium extract (Ages 18 and up


Manna Calmer uses 3 main ingredients:

Manna Calmer has 3 all natural main ingredients that work together to provide a calming effect and to help manage stress, tension and anxiety.

  • Sceletium (Sceletium tortuosum)

Sceletium is a plant from South Africa and has long been used as a traditional medicine. It may help to elevate mood and decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Taurine

Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid, but it is often referred to as an amino acid and is a building block of protein. Research indicates that Taurine may improve attention and reasoning in adolescents.

  • Mannitol

Mannitol is a beneficial derived sugar which works on a micro-cellular level – transporting valuable nutrients and other chemicals directly into each cell especially the brain. It is able to open the barrier by temporarily shrinking the endothelial cells and stretching the tight connections between them. Mannitol does not lead to elevated levels of blood sugar, as glucose may, and is used extensively in the food industry as a sweetener for patients with diabetes.


What are the benefits of Manna Calmer?

  • Helps to make you calmer
  • Mood Enhancing properties
  • Assists with focus and concentration
  • Calmer does not contain sugar, gluten, wheat or animal products.
  • It is suitable for diabetics
  • Management of stress and depression
  • May assist in the treatment of Hyperactivity(ADHD)and Attention Disorder(ADD) Symptoms
  • Helps relieve anxiety and tension
  • Calmer does not cause you to become drowsy
  • All Natural


See what our customers say…

Calmer – Junior

It really works! It is a miracle product! Both of my kids have ADHD and I can see the difference between this and Ritalin. Ritalin made my kids zombies and with this product, I can see my kids are focused and wide-awake. I suggest this to all the moms and dads with kids with add and ADHD. My kids also use the Manna omega 3 and it helps with their memory.– Gerda

Always had outstanding service deliveries arrive on time This is a great product has been very helpful for my niece’s girls at school helping them to concentrate.” – Sylvia Simpson

Calmer – Adult

My daughter is 15 years old and she is a child that puts a lot of pressure on herself from an academic point. I decided to try Adult Calm from Manna and I have a different child, she is no longer moody or panicking about exams. Definitely would recommend this product.” – Claudia

Calmer – Extra

I bought it for 25-year-old son and an immediate improvement in his concentration levels could be seen. I would recommend this product anytime.” – M vd Merwe

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