What Actually Causes High Cholesterol?

What Actually Causes High Cholesterol?

It has long been believed that cholesterol is caused by eating fat.

This has reached such an extent that people believe that food like butter, red meat, eggs, nuts, and good oils are bad for your cholesterol and weight. However, there are no conclusive scientific or medical studies to actually prove this. Healthy fats and oils are actually needed by the body to keep you looking and feeling vibrant and healthy. We will be looking at what actually causes high cholesterol.


The actual cause of high cholesterol: SUGAR

The basic workings of this process is that the body needs sugar for energy, but when we eat or drink too much of it, the body cannot use it and must find a way to store or discard it.

Now we all know that the body stores excess sugar as fat, but what about the sugar that it tries to discard from the body?

Well this goes through the liver, which filters the sugar and stores some of it as Glycogen, found in muscles and in the liver itself.

But when there is no more space for glycogen, the liver has to send this sugar somewhere else, and it ends up converting it into Cholesterol and Triglycerides.

Now that we have an overview of the basic process by which cholesterol is formed in the body.


Let’s see how we can start to manage our triglyceride and cholesterol levels!

1. Minimise processed carbohydrates:

Try to stay away from refined carbohydrates and sugar as far as possible. This includes foods like pastries, breads, white rice, pasta, and sugar. Rather opt for low GI carbs like potatoes or whole wheat options for starches. If you really want to cut out the carbs, replace them with veggies instead.

2. Eat smaller meals, more regularly:

This helps manage your blood sugar levels and also gives your body time to process the carbohydrates and sugar in your food more effectively, all helping to manage your cholesterol.

3. Make sure you always eat some protein and fat:

This simply means that you should not eat carbs on their own, but always include some source of protein in your meal or snack.

4. Eat cholesterol-containing foods each day:

Make sure to eat things like meats, butter, shellfish and eggs.

5. Eat good quality fats and oils with each meal:

See that you include plenty of healthy oils in your diet. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, and eat seeds and nuts.

6. Minimise alcohol:

Alcohol stimulates cortisol, which is the stress hormone, which can also raise cholesterol levels. Try limit alcohol to weekends, and even then just a drink or two.

7. Recommendation:

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