Effects Of Low Testosterone

Effects Of Low Testosterone

As men get older, they are more than likely to experience a dip in their testosterone levels.

It can effect various areas in your life. We will be looking at the effects of low testosterone caused by andropause. 


Here are 7 effects of low testosterone:

  • Feeling low on energy

A common side effect of declining testosterone levels are that you feel tired the whole time and dont have the energy to do anything. 

  • Not being in the mood for it

The bedroom is an area that suffers severely when a mans testosterone levels go down. A loss of libido and trouble getting or keeping an erection might be only the start of your problems. 

  • Not being all there

When your testosterone drops, you can often start losing focus more easily and becoming forgetful. 

  • Mood swings

Mood swings are not something that only affects women, when a mans testosterone becomes low he too can become moody and jump from feeling happy to being sad in a matter of seconds. 

  • De-bulking

Muscle loss is a big issue for men, and when your testosterone levels go down, so does your muscle mass. 

  • Becoming chubby

Alongside losing your muscle, you might start picking up fat, especially when we are under the impression that we can still pack it away like when we were younger! 

  • Losing your hair

When you start losing testosterone you often also start losing the hair that makes you manly. Your beard, leg hair, arm hair and even back hair might start thinning. Boost your Testosterone levels the natural way with Manna Andropause. This product is packed with phyto-testosterone (plant based testosterones), which does not have any side effect.

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