4 Diets That Harm Blood Circulation

4 Diets That Harm Blood Circulation

Proper blood circulation is very important, and it can have severe consequences when not managed properly.

There are even diets that harm blood circulation and be reduced if you are overweight, have high blood pressure and narrowed arteries. All of these health problems can be a result of dietary causes, many of which are common faults in the average western diet.


Four of the most common “diets” that harm blood circulation are…

  1. Diets High in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol

Saturated fat is found in things like ice cream, hamburgers, butter, and other such fatty foods. If your diet contains a lot of these foods, you probably exceed the 10% of total calories that is recommended for heart health and weight control.

Saturated fat can stick to artery walls, especially those damaged by high blood pressure, narrowing the space where blood circulates.

  1. Diets High in Sodium

Dietary sodium found in salt added to foods during processing, cooking, or while eating at the table. High levels of sodium can increase your blood pressure, damage your arteries and promote bleeding, blood clots and fatty plaque buildup within arteries.

Your daily sodium intake should not exceed 2,300 mg, or 1,500 mg sodium for people with high cardiovascular risk.

  1. High Calories

Diets high in fat and sodium are usually also high in calories. You may add to that calorie count by eating lots of sweetened foods, which causes you to consume more calories in a day than you should.

  1. Low Potassium, Iron and Vitamin B

Alongside high fat, sodium, and sugar diets, your consumption of foods that contain beneficial minerals and vitamins may be lower as well. Low potassium levels, which your body needs to balance the effects of sodium, can raise your blood pressure and cause artery problems.

Low intake of iron or B vitamins can decrease the amount of red blood cells that help transport oxygen through your body. You may be deficient in these nutrients if you eat more refined grains than whole grains, or if you avoid other plentiful sources such as legumes and leafy green vegetables.


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