What To Expect During Male Menopause

What To Expect During Male Menopause

We all know a lot about female menopause, but what about men and their version of it?

Just like women, men also go through some natural hormonal changes as they age. However, in women the drop in estrogen might happen a bit more suddenly than the drop in testosterone for men. This change in hormones is called andropause, but frequently and fittingly referred to as “male menopause”. We will be looking at what to expect during “male menopause”.


Here’s what to expect during “male menopause”, and what you can do about it…

  1. Time Frame

While women can expect to see a big and sudden change in their hormone levels which happens within a few months or years, men experience it over a much longer period. The testosterone levels generally start to slowly and gradually decrease after the age of 30, but signs of it might only become more noticeable in the mid 40’s.
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  1. Symptoms of Andropause

Symptoms and the severity of the symptoms may differ from one man to the next, but on general, the symptoms include:

      • Changes in sexual function –

This can include problems like erectile dysfunction, reduced sexual desire, fewer spontaneous erections, and infertility. Your testicles might become smaller as well.

      • Changes in sleep patterns –

Low testosterone levels can causes sleep disturbances, such as insomnia, or increased fatigue.

      • Physical changes –

Some of the most common physical changes during andropause are increased body fat, reduced muscle mass, decreased bone density, and loss of body hair.
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      • Emotional changes –

As with female menopause, men might also experience some mood swings. Other serious emotional changes are: decreased motivation, lowered self-confidence, constant feelings of sadness, and depression.

  1. Treating Male menopause

For aging-related low testosterone levels it is not advised to use testosterone replacement therapy, as it might cause an increased risk for health issues like heart attack, prostate cancer, and other overall health problems.
The best way to fight male andropause is with some simple lifestyle changes and good, natural supplements.

      • Change your Diet
          • Consume enough Zinc (protein rich foods like meats and fish, beans and yogurt)
          • Eliminate Sugars and Starches from your diet
          • Optimize Vitamin D levels (either supplement with Vitamin D or get in the sun everyday
          • Eat healthy fats, like olive oil, coconut oil, Avocados, nuts (Almonds), etc.
      • Exercise
          • High-Intensity Exercise like Peak Fitness
          • Strength Training
      • Reduce Stress
          • Exercise is a very good tool to reduce stress
          • Learn to relaxing skills, like deep breathing, meditation, laughter, etc.
      • Nutritional Supplements
          • Take a natural supplement with phyto-testosterones, like the Manna Andropause which can help to increase testosterone the natural way with any side effects.

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If you suffer with erectile dysfunction, take the Manna T-Boost in conjunction with the Manna Andropause to overcome the problem the natural way.

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