Night Sweats In Men?

Night Sweats In Men?

When we hear night sweats we immediately think of women and menopause.

The truth is that when men go through their version of menopause called andropause they might also come across such unpleasant symptoms such as night sweats.


There are various factors that can cause these night sweats, and these factors include: 

  • Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections are often overlooked when diagnosing night sweats. These infections can cause trouble with breathing and may affect the lungs and chest, causing sweats as well as chills during the night.

  • Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis can is a condition of uncontrollable sweating without any obvious separate medical cause. The best advice is to avoid any possible triggers that make you sweat, and these include caffeine, smoking, alcohol, and spicy food. Avoiding triggers that cause you to sweat, such as caffeine, spicy food, smoking or alcohol is recommended. 

  • Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a form of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system. Since lymphoma interrupts your immune system, it can cause severe night sweats as well as itchy skin, fatigue and uncontrollable chills. 

  • Low Testosterone

The most common cause of this sweaty symptom among men with andropause is of course the decreased testosterone levels. 



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