Andropause: Dealing With Low Testosterone

Andropause: Dealing With Low Testosterone

In essence, Andropause is the term used for male menopause, or man-opause.

It is called this because it is something that happens to most men as they get older, and may have several symptoms that are similar to those which women experience during menopause. Andropause is what happens when a mans body starts producing less male hormones, such as testosterone and Dehydro-epiandrosterone. It is also been found that a reduction in the Leydig cells takes place, which are cells responsible for assisting in testosterone production. A decline in testosterone levels as we age is completely natural, but by dealing with low testosterone correctly, the effects thereof can be kept to a minimum. 


Causes and effects of andropause:

The root cause of andropause is quite simply a decline in the male hormones. However, the effects that this has on men, especially middle aged men, can be much more devastating. 

Common Effects of Andropause:

  • Psychological: 

Being irritable, indecisiveness and depressive.

  • Hormonal: 

Decrease in testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, and thyroid hormone.

  • Sexual: 

Lowered sex drive, erectile dysfunction and other related bedroom problems.

  • Physical: 

Feeling fatigued, problems with memory, and gaining weight.

  • Other effects: 

Lower levels of testosterone can lead to other health risks such as heart disease, insulin resistance, and osteoporosis.


Dealing with low testosterone and how to treat andropause:

  • Exercise:

Physical exercise is a great way to help improve testosterone levels. It is advised that you exercise for at least 30 minutes, 4 times a week. Your routine should include cardio as well as weight training. 

  • Diet:

You should follow a healthy, balanced diet which includes plenty of protein, soy, and fish oil. 

  • Natural Testosterone Supplement:

In the light of all the negative issues regarding chemical testosterone replacement, we highly recommend the natural alternative to boost testosterone levels without any side effects. It might take a little longer to get the benefit, but the Manna Andropause can help to increase testosterone levels without any side effects.

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