4 Body Changes During Andropause

4 Body Changes During Andropause

Everybody thinks menopause is just for woman. Well think again!

Andropause, or male menopause as it is sometimes called is what happens when a mans male hormone levels start to decrease. This happens steadily over several years. It begins at about the age of 30. This can be a challenging time in any mans life that comes with body changes during andropause.


Some symptoms and body changes during andropause include:

  1. Testosterone Decrease

This is not so much a physical symptom as the main cause of the problem. As men age and their testosterone levels decrease, then they will see other symptoms appear. These symptoms are loss of hair, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, decreased sex drive, and becoming increasingly moody.

  1. Loss of Muscle Mass

One of the most challenging things to overcome during Andropause is the fact that you are not as strong and well-built as you were in your younger days. This is why it is recommended that men over the age of 30 start increasing their workout routines. This means more cardio as well as weight training. It is important to combine these in order to keep their bodys strong and healthy.

  1. Increase in Body Fat

Along with the decrease of muscle mass, a man might start noticing flab in places where there used to be washboard abs and rock-hard pecks. This gain of the soft stuff causes an increased aromatase activity, which converts testosterone to estradiol. Estradiol further reduces testosterone and increases the susceptibility of abdominal fat production.

  1. Mood Swings

Reduced hormone levels in men have been linked to changes in mood. Some emotional symptoms include depression, nervousness, irritability and unusual fatigue. Depleting levels of testosterone have been also linked to memory loss and difficulties in concentration. 

5. Natural Approach 

We recommend taking a natural supplement like the Manna Andropause to help increase testosterone the natural way. We strongly recommend a healthy diet, like the Manna Diet and resistance training. If erectile dysfunction is a problem, we also recommend taking the Manna T-Boost in conjunction with the Manna Andropause.

Manna Andropause was formulated with the best phyto-testosterone (plant derived testosterones) to boost your testosterone level the natural way without any side effects.

Manna Adropause helps:

      • Boost Testosterone levels naturally: 

Testosterone is a hormone in men that is responsible for maintaining bone density, muscle strength and mass, sex drive, sperm production and fat distribution.

      • Sleep better.
      • Increase diminished libido: 

Increasing testosterone helps to increase libido and sex drive.

      • Address erectile dysfunction
      • Stop menopausal weight gain
      • Stop muscle loss
      • Decrease Gynecomastia (male breasts)
      • Decrease irritable male syndrome
      • Stop memory loss
      • Counteract hot flashes
      • Decrease depression
      • Helps stop night sweats in men
      • Stop fatigue
      • Stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth


See what our customers say.

A very very good product and definitely very effective. My husband is very impressed and he recommends it to men with health problems in this area.” – Unknown

Since my husband started to use Manna Andropause Support 6 months ago, he change for the better. My old hubby is back. His moods are much better and he sleeps better at night. He is less grumpy and even participate in family outings again. I can recommend this for your husband!” – Unknown

I was on testosterone treatment prescribed by my doctor for 9 months. The problem is that the requirement for testosterone treatment can become permanent if continued with for too long. I stopped the testosterone treatment and started on Manna Andropause about a year ago. My libido, stamina and power increased to the extend that I now leg press 525 Kg already. The other muscle groups have also improved substantially.” – Danie

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