Managing ADHD the Natural Way

Managing ADHD the Natural Way

How do you manage ADHD the natural way?

Managing ADHD the natural way, with all natural supplements, is the healthier choice than with chemical medication, which might have some very negative side effects.


Here are a few ways for managing ADHD the natural way:

1. Check Your Day Planner at Least 3 Times a Day:

Whether it is an app on your phone, or an old-school day planner; make sure that you know what’s happening today. It helps a lot, especially on busy days!

2. Make a Daily “To Do” List:

This is a great add-on to your day planner, as you can make sure that you get everything done when needs to be. It helps to prioritize and set specific times to specific tasks. Remember to cross off tasks you’ve completed!

3. Start Organizing:

The important thing about organizing is taking one step at a time. If you don’t know where to begin, pick a room in your house, and follow a simple little plan like this one:

      • Take an old box or plastic bag to put everything you don’t use or need in so that you can donate or get rid of it.
      • Put all the things you want to keep and highlight in the room together for later rearrangement.
      • Find a place for everything that has to go in drawers, cupboards, etc. (A list of where what is put away might be handy for the family!)
      • Rearrange everything in the way that it feels organized to you (Everybody is different) and get rid of the things that are just in your way and collecting dust.

4. Put Important Things Together:

This is especially useful for things that you need to take with you every time you leave the house like your keys, wallet, glasses and phone. The best way to do this is to get a nice cabinet near the door where you usually leave the house from, and make a special place for everything there. A good way is to get something like a bowl or basket to put your wallet and glasses in, and a nice key holder for your keys.

A nifty idea is to make enough space to put other important things like documents, mail, or a briefcase that you have to remember on your way out.

5. Keep Track of What You Spend:

A big problem for us who suffer from ADHD is that we often have difficulty managing our money. This is why it is important to have a notebook or app on your phone to help you keep an eye on your spending and your budget.

6. Use Electronic Reminders:

We have to learn how to use the technology that often distracts us in our favor. Set reminders for important things like meetings, exams, or deadlines on your phone so that you can assure that you are always on top of things and on time!

7. Escaping Distractions at Work:

It might not always be easy, but try to get find a quite place at work where there is nobody distracting you. It also helps to listen to music with no words to cancel out distracting noises, and often helps us work more efficiently. Also is a good idea to turn off your personal phone if you don’t need it at work, as this is often one of the biggest causes of distractions.

8. Simplify Your Life:

It is very easy for life to become cluttered, so it is important to simplify your life as much as possible. This does not only mean things like tidying up your house, but also making sure that you are prioritizing correctly and not overburdening yourself with work or other activities.

9. Get More Exercise:

Exercise is a great way to get your thoughts straight and your mind uncluttered. It also helps burn some extra energy and get you in a mood to focus when you need to. Not to mention it’s great for your body and overall health!

10. Use Color Coding:

This might sound silly, but color coding is a great way to organize things. You can use it in anything from expenses, to work, and even projects you are busy with around the house.



A thoughtfully planned breakfast is an important meal, especially for people whose ADHD symptoms result from metabolic dysfunctions or from food sensitivities. Try the Manna Diet as it is a Low GI eating plan. Also take the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with each meal to help control blood sugar levels and curb sugar and food cravings, and the Manna Calmer to control ADHD symptoms naturally.

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