4 Main Causes of High Cholesterol in Women Over 50

4 Main Causes of High Cholesterol in Women Over 50

Seeing that high cholesterol levels can easily lead to heart disease, stroke, and heart failure; it is important to make sure that your cholesterol levels are managed properly.

The statistic that heart disease and heart failure is one of the top causes of death amongst women aged 45-60 is frightening. Managing high cholesterol becomes quite important.


It can therefore be life-saving to know what the main causes of high cholesterol levels for women are…

  1. Estrogen Levels

It has been found that the estrogen level drop during menopause can lead to increases in total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL, often referred to as “bad” cholesterol.

Lower estrogen also causes a decrease in HDL, commonly called the “good” cholesterol.

While hormone replacement therapy seems help manage these HDL and LDL levels, there can be negative effects.

Lifestyle changes can also help manage these levels; there is no need to use hormone replacement therapy for this purpose.

  1. A Sedentary Lifestyle

A lack of physical activity contributes to higher LDL and triglycerides, as well as lower HDL.

The norm is that people become less physically active as they get older and this lack of exercise leads to increased cholesterol levels and increased weight.

Studies show that exercise can reduce total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides, while at the same time increasing levels of HDL.

  1. Diet

Since modern eating styles are high in saturated fat, it usually results in high cholesterol levels. In the younger years, a woman’s body doesn’t show the effects of this dietary abuse as quickly, but by age 50, blood test results may be shocking.

Eating food high in saturated fat also adds kilograms over the years, but luckily with the right dietary changes you can stop and reverse the ill effects of an unhealthy diet at any age.

  1. Obesity

Carrying around extra weight at any age can cause problems, but this is even more relevant as we age.

Excess kilograms are not put on overnight, but accumulated gradually. An average gain of only 2.5kg a year starting in a woman’s 20s or 30s translates into serious obesity by the time she’s 50.

Eating a healthy diet and exercising can remove kilograms and improve cholesterol levels, and can improve health in general.



Most women struggle to lose weight, because they don’t realise that a healthy digestive system is of major importance if you are serious about weight loss. We therefore urge you to first address any digestive health issues before attempting any weight loss plan or new diet. If you get bloated when eating certain foods or if you struggle with constipation, it is sure signs that you might have digestive health issues.

We suggest taking the Manna GUT Support to rectify improper digestive health. Good digestive health can also relate to lower cholesterol levels. Second we suggest a healthy diet, like the Manna Diet to not just control blood sugar levels, but also to reduce high cholesterol levels and ultimately lose excess kilograms.

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