How Carbs Are Making You Fat

How Carbs Are Making You Fat

You know that carbs are the reason you gain weight. You know that you should eat less of them. But still, you find it hard to say no to a creamy piece of chocolate cake or a big cheesy pizza.

The fact of the matter is that it does not matter what carbs you eat, they are going to have the same effect. Some may have less of an effect, but if you do not watch your portions of these, they might cause just as much damage to your weight.


But how do carbs make me gain weight?

They body very quickly digests carbs and coverts them into blood glucose.

After you eat any food with a lot of carbs, your blood sugar level goes up – this is when you feel a sugar high. Then your pancreas releases a lot of insulin to balance out the excess sugar, which then causes the well-known sugar crash. But the body uses the sugar in the blood stream as its main source of energy.


But I thought it was fat that makes me fat?

Well no. Fat does not make you fat, sugar does.

When the cycle explained above keeps taking place, the body stores all the unused energy in the blood stream as fat. At about 90 minutes after eating your meal, your blood sugar returns to normal. However, your insulin levels still remain high. This means that your body still keeps storing fat.

When we take this into account, we can understand why it is not eating fat that makes us fat, but rather eating carbs.

Fat does not cause your blood sugar level to go up, which then also means that it does not cause your insulin levels to go up.


This can lead to insulin resistance…

When you eat carbs almost every day, this process happens over and over again. When this keeps happening, the insulin produced by the pancreas becomes less and less effective. Eventually, it impairs the brain’s ability to detect when you feel full. This then leads to constant overeating and still feeling hungry. Which makes you eat more, and so a vicious cycle begins.


Cutting carbs to lose weight:

So now you have realized that you should lose a few kilograms, but what do you do?

You think that you are eating healthy, but in reality, your diet may still be packed with sugar and carbs. 


There are two ways to cut your body’s glucose supply and start losing weight –  

1. You can starve.

This is what low-calorie, low-fat dieting is. 

2. You can reduce the starches and sugars. 

These are the main sources of glucose

The second approach has two big advantages over the low-calorie diet…

      • Firstly, you don’t have to go hungry and starve yourself.
      • Secondly, because you are not giving your body an overload of sugar to use as energy, it has to find another source. This means it then uses the fat stored in your body.


When you eat carbs, you limit your body’s capacity to use fat.

When your blood sugar goes up and insulin is released, it prevents your body from burning fat. Because one of the main functions of insulin is to store unused energy as fat, it is actually doing the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.


What is the best way to tackle Weight Loss?

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