The Powerful Natural Fat Burner

The Powerful Natural Fat Burner

Fat burning products are all the rage with everybody trying to slim down.


But what makes Manna F.A.T Way to Go special?

To start off, it is a completely natural fat burner. All the ingredients are natural, and there are no added artificial preservatives or additives.


But why should it matter if it is natural or not?

The problem with synthetically or chemically made fat burners is that they often have negative side effects. With the Manna F.A.T Way to Go being made with all natural ingredients, there are no negative side effects.


So what are these natural fat burning ingredients?

  • Prosopis Mixture (Manna®) – Glucose homeostasis

Keeping insulin levels normal by stabilizing your blood sugar level is very important to promote healthy weight loss.

  • Eucalyptus Extract (Immune modulating and anti-oxidant)

The Anti-Oxidant properties (ORAC Value) in the Flavonoids and Polyphenols from this natural Eucalyptus extract are even higher than grape seed extract.

  • Ginger (Improves Metabolism)

Ginger contains an acidic substance that stimulates gastric enzymes, which can aid metabolism. The better your metabolism, the more calories you will burn. Ginger improves gastric mobility – When the digestive system is functioning at its best, food is freely moving through the body, which reduces bloating and constipation.

  • Parsley

Helps to remove toxins from the body aiding digestion Assimilation of foods

  • Guarana

Guarana boost metabolism and enhance thermogenesis – (the body’s ability to free fatty acids and use them for energy production) Guarana decrease appetite Guarana fight free radicals

  • Guar gum

Guar gum supplementation produces a reduction in body weight, but it reduces hunger significantly better than commercially-prepared bran products.


What are the benefits of Manna F.A.T. Way to Go

  • Helps to activate stored fats to be burned as energy
  • Assist in the boosting of metabolism
  • Anti-oxidation (to get rid of free radicals in the fat cells)
  • Helps to suppress cravings
  • Promotes fat burning activity


How safe is it?

It is completely safe to use, and here are a few frequently asked questions about it along with answers:

  • Natural and Organic? Yes
  • Manufactured in NSF CGMP Facility? Yes
  • 100% free of additives? Absolutely
  • Free from potential allergens? Wheat, dairy FREE
  • Diabetic Friendly? Absolutely


How to use it:

Take 2 Caplets 3 times per day, with food.

Who can Use it?

  • All persons from the age of 12, Excluding:
  • Lactating & Pregnant women
  • Children younger than 12 years of age
  • People on High Blood Pressure Medication
  • People allergic for ingredients


Can I use the F.A.T. product with my current medication?

Please consult with your doctor before you use the FAT burner alongside other medication.

It is recommended that people on Warfarin and on High Blood Pressure medication not use the product.


Are Fat Burners worth my time and money?

Absolutely! Only be sure to select your fat loss supplements carefully and follow a healthy program of diet and exercise to go with them. Download the FREE Manna Diet eBook from the website for effective, healthy weight loss, because it is not just about fat burning, but to manage and control your blood sugar levels and insulin levels successfully.


If you are looking for that extra boost to help you lose weight – look no further! 

Get the Manna F.A.T Way to Go delivered to your door  NOW on the Manna Website or Takealot.

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