6 Easy Tips to Make Eating Healthy Easier

6 Easy Tips to Make Eating Healthy Easier

Meals are getting bigger, and our fancy coffees are being loaded with more and more calories. It seems that getting a healthy meal is becoming harder by the day.


But what if there are simple ways to get around this? What if we didn’t have to slave away in the kitchen for hours to be eating healthy?

Here’s some good news – eating healthy does not have to be difficult.

There are two main objectives you need to achieve in order to lose weight, and they are:

  • Staying within your daily calorie allowance.
  • Always ensuring your blood sugar is stable.


Why is this important?

Counting calories is obvious. Weight loss is largely done by making sure that you burn more calories in a day than you take in. But balancing your blood sugar levels? What’s that about?

Well, high blood sugar levels cause your body to store fat! This happens when we eat food that contains refined carbohydrates or sugar, which causes an increase in blood sugar levels.

The body then releases a hormone called “insulin” to counteract this. The insulin then gets the blood sugar levels back to normal by using some of the sugar from the food as energy for immediate use and then stores the rest as fat.

So now you know why it is CRUCIAL to make sure your blood sugar levels remain in balance if you want to lose weight…


How do I count my calories and balance my blood sugar levels?

These 6 secrets for losing weight are just what you need to stay on the straight and narrow…

  1. Be smart about planning

“What’s for dinner?” should not have to be a scary question that implies the daunting task of spending 3 hours cooking and washing dishes in order to have a single healthy meal.

When you have a healthy meal plan that you are working on, it is easy to plan ahead and make sure that you have everything you need to prepare your meals for the next few days.

When you already know what you are having as your next meal, and you know that you have all the ingredients for it, then there are no excuses for giving in to a quick trip through the drive-through.

This will help you to avoid foods that cause your blood sugar levels to shoot through the roof. Taking one or two Manna Blood Sugar Support tablets with each meal will also help keep blood sugar levels in check.

  1. Become portion-conscious

Too much of a good thing isn’t always a great thing. Even healthy foods contain calories. You should always be very aware of your portion size. When you are at home, take out your kitchen scale and weigh all your food so that you are constantly aware of what your portions of each food group should look like. This will come in handy when you are somewhere where you don’t have the luxury of a kitchen scale, and you have to trust your eyes in order to remain within your calorie limits.

It is also a great way to be able to still enjoy the naughty-food that you love. Some chocolate or a piece of cheesecake every now and then is fine – as long as you keep to a small portion that doesn’t cause your daily calorie count to skyrocket.

You can also reduce the weight-gain effect of sweet treats or unhealthy foods by simply taking a Manna Blood Sugar Support tablet along with it so that the sugar in your treat does not cause your blood sugar levels to go haywire.

  1. Maintain Balance

Everything comes down to balance. The worst thing you can do is to go on a crash diet where you cut down to less than 1000 calories per day and eat nothing but lettuce.

Follow a balanced eating plan that you are able to maintain in the long run. You might not lose as much weight in the beginning, but you will steadily lose weight over time and in the end, you will have lost more weight overall. Also, the weight that you lost on a crash diet always manages to find its way back.

Follow the Manna Diet for a balanced, sustainable eating plan. It works best when used along with the Manna Blood Sugar Support and the Manna F.A.T Way to Go tablets.

  1. Share the experience

It’s not fun being the only one at the table not digging into a giant burger with a heap of fries on the side. That is why it is important to have some form of support.

It is a fact that losing weight is much easier when you are not doing it alone. Even if your partner or the rest of your household are not trying to lose weight, it is beneficial for everybody to follow a healthy eating plan. Get them psyched-up about healthy eating and have them join you in your way of eating.

Even if you find just find one other friend or family member who eats healthy with you, it is a great way to keep each other motivated and not feel like the odd-one-out.

  1. Accept slip-ups, but don’t make them a habit

You can plan all you want, and stick to your plan 99% of the time, but chances are that you are going to give in to the temptations of a big, cheesy pizza at some point. And that’s fine. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Accept the fact that it happened, get back to your plan, and move on.

If you do, however, find yourself indulging in something you shouldn’t, grab a Manna Blood Sugar Support tablet. It helps to lower the GI of the food you eat by slow-releasing the sugar into your bloodstream. In doing so, it stabilizes your blood sugar levels and decreases the amount of fat-storing that takes place while eating something unhealthy.

  1. Manna Blood Sugar Support

This isn’t actually a weight loss secret – because it is no secret that the Manna Blood Sugar Support is great for losing weight.

The way it helps to tackle the root cause of weight gain by stabilizing your blood sugar levels is a unique property that we are allowed to brag about. And you too can brag with the brilliant results that it delivers.

And if you are doing everything you can to lose weight, you are also exercising, right? Well, the Manna Blood Sugar Support is a great way to keep those energy levels up when you are hitting the treadmill or waking up before dawn for your weekly spin class. When the Manna Blood Sugar Support slow-releases the sugar from the food you eat into your bloodstream, it keeps you going for longer. This is because all the sugar is not dumped into your system at once but gradually released so that you have constant boosted energy levels over a longer period of time.


You can give yourself the help you need with Manna Blood Sugar Support today by getting it on our website or from any of these stores…

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