Getting Back to Nature for Permanent Weight Loss

Getting Back to Nature for Permanent Weight Loss

Losing weight is relatively simple for most people, but the problem comes in when they have to make sure the weight loss stays permanent!

This is because most crash-diets and quick fixes are not aimed at long term weight loss and overall healthy living, but simply about shaking off a few quick kilograms. In order to lose weight in the long run, you have to take all your old, unhealthy habits and replace them with new, healthy ones. 


Six Simple Tips for Permanent Weight Loss:

1. Avoid processed foods

Processed foods are filled to the brim with unhealthy refined sugars and carbohydrates that demolish all your hopes and dreams of successful weight loss.
Processed foods can range from unhealthy processed sugars, processed salts that have been ridden of their healthy minerals, and cheap processed vegetable oils that are filled with synthetic chemical additives and genetically modified ingredients. Make sure to read the labels on packaged food carefully to make sure that you avoid processed foods and harmful ingredients as far as possible.

2. Avoid gluten

Although many hipsters tend to go a bit far when they decide that they are all of a sudden allergic to gluten, it has been shown that cutting down on gluten can be goo for your health and for weight loss.
It might be argued that this is simply because you move away from high carbohydrate meals, but the fact remains that for whatever reason you decide to eat less gluten, it does seem to have positive effects on your health.

3. Eat protein for breakfast

Bacon, eggs, beans, and other good sources of protein is a great way to start off the day. Not only because it tastes amazing, but because a high protein breakfast has been shown to help improve leptin sensitivity in the cells and can in turn help improve body composition and reduce body fat levels.

Lose weight with the right protein,fat and carb ratio…

4. Relax and be happy

It seems easy to say stop stressing and relax a bit but following through with this can often be difficult. But when we realize that we need to stop and smell the roses every once in a while, we might be more relaxed and just feel better about ourselves. When you are calm and relaxed, it produces happy hormones and reduces stress hormones. This can then have a positive effect n your weight loss efforts.

5. Drink pure water

In terms of harmful bacteria and other things that make water dirty, municipal water is relatively clean. But when we look at things like harmful chemicals used to clean the water, you might think twice about drinking water from the tap. Chlorine and fluoride are some of the common chemicals found in drinking water supplies and can end up being harmful to out body and its functions.

6. Exercise

It doesnt matter what kind of exercise you do, just do something! You can try the clich run in the park or hitting the gym, but in the end of the day it is important to find some form of exercise that you enjoy doing. Whether it is a walk in the park where some people run, or a hike up a mountain from where you can spot the tiny little ant-like people going to the gym, get up and get active. Your body will love you for it.


Recommendation for Permanent Weight Loss

The Manna Diet was developed to include all the above mentioned points. To enhance permanent healthy weight loss and to keep weight down, you need to keep blood sugar levels as stable as possible. By taking the Manna Blood Sugar Support supplement with each meal, it can help to control blood sugar levels, curb cravings and suppress appetite without any side effects.

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