Why You Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D During Menopause

Why You Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D During Menopause

A nice bronze tan might not be the only benefit of soaking up the sunshine – especially during menopause when it seems that women do not get nearly enough vitamin D during menopause.

A lack of vitamin D is linked to various health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis…


Why don’t we get enough vitamin D?

We might be taking in the same amount of vitamin D through the food we eat or the time spent in the sun, but the body does not absorb it as it should. The body is both physically and psychologically stressed, and the immune system is often worn down.

This is why a healthy, balanced diet is vital. This should be accompanied by enough time in direct sunlight, as well as getting enough exercise.


What should we do to get more vitamin D?

To help your body absorb more vitamin D, you should cut down slightly on protein and fat.

You should eat more vegetables, nuts, and wholegrain carbohydrates. This will help correct the levels of vitamin D and vitamin E in your body, as well as balance out your energy levels.

Great sources of vitamin D include foods of animal origin, like milk, fish, and egg yolk.

Vegan remedies to boost your vitamin D levels include eating more mushrooms and spending more time in the sun.

Sunlight is a great supplement if for anybody looking to get take in more vitamin D. How long you should spend in the sun differs from one individual to the next.


How can I get enough vitamin D during menopause?

Make subtle changes to your lifestyle, like a healthy diet and exercise.

Try to follow the well-balanced Manna Diet and do some moderate exercise every day – it is never too late to make some changes for a better, healthier life.

The Manna Menopause Support supplement was formulated with specific ingredients which can help to increase estrogen levels and meet the Vitamin D shortage in the most natural way, without any side effects.

A good, natural menopause supplement like the Manna Menopause Supplement can go a long way in helping to deal with menopausal symptoms.

Using it along with the right dietary choices and exercise routine can help you take menopause and turn it into a great lifestyle changing opportunity!

Natural supplements, like the Manna Menopause Support, can be a safe and effective treatment option, because it does not have the threat of cancer risk like hormone replacement therapies.

The Manna Menopause Support was formulated with phyto-estrogens, soy isoflavones, calcium and vitamin D to help curb menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings and night sweats.

Manna Menopause Support helps to

  • Relieve hot flushes, leaving you feeling less sweaty
  • Balance mood fluctuation
  • Increase energy levels, helping you get through the day easier
  • Increase Libido
  • Reverse vaginal dryness
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Improve memory and brain function
  • Helps to manage stress
  • Help increase stamina
  • Helps reduce osteoporosis


What does each ingredient of the Manna Menopause Support do?

  • Eucalyptus Bark Extract (Flavonoids and Polyphenols)

Anti-Oxidant – Natures super anti-oxidant, helps to boost the immune system.

Polyphenols – helps to overcome the symptoms of Menopause, including hot flushes. It also assists in the prevention and fighting of osteoporosis and breast cancer.

  • Soy Bean Isoflavones– Phyto-estrogen

The main components of soy are proteins, soybean oil and carbohydrates. These are healthy components but the soy Isoflavones are responsible for many health benefits. Dried soybeans contain about 200 mg Soy Isoflavones per 100 g soybeans.

  • Maca Root (Peruvian Ginseng) – Phyto-estrogen

This so-called “Peruvian Ginseng” is from South America and is rapidly gaining attention in the United States for its success in supporting energy, stamina, libido and with hormone balancing for men and women.

Maca is used for menopausal symptoms, menstrual disorders and as an aphrodisiac. It acts as an energizer and anti-stress agent.

  • Calcium lactate – Calcium supplements

Calcium Lactate may be administered in low blood calcium levels (Hypocalcaemia), Osteoporosis, and Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis Prevention.

  • Vitamin D – Cancer preventive effect

This little wonder of a vitamin plays a central role in many body processes and is on the A-list for menopausal women. Studies have linked it to preventing heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer and weight gain. If that seems like a lot of prevention in one little vitamin, it is. The problem, though, is that as many as half of adults are deficient in vitamin D and are therefore not benefiting from it. Manna Menopause Support has enough vitamin D to meet your recommended daily requirements.

  • Vitamin E – 

Vitamin E is an essential anti-oxidant required by the body. It helps to minimize the effects of menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes and night sweats. It acts as a substitute for estrogen and works in perfect synergy with the rest of the ingredients in Manna Menopause Support to offer wholesome relief from menopause and its symptoms.  


Here is what Manna Menopause Support users say:

“The best product I have used so far and I’m using it for a year now. Before starting on Manna I suffered from hot flushes/ night sweats/no sleep and terrible mood swings. HRT was definitely not an option for me, so I tried Manna and it really has helped me. The fact that it’s all natural is such a plus. I won’t use anything else. Thank you, Manna, for an excellent product.” – Gwen

“Since using Manna Menopause Support I have less hair loss, sleep better and night sweats have decreased. This is a wonderful product and have recommended it to my friends.” – Liz Nowers

“I am using menopause support for a year now, and I can say it is a fantastic product. My hot flashes and night sweat is something of the past. Thanks for a great product.” – Martie

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