The Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

The Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

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Many people suffer from type-2 diabetes and don’t even know it.


This is because some of the symptoms might not seem like much at first. But it is crucial to know what could be a warning sign…

Type-2 diabetes is a bigger danger than we often realize. Not only the ailment itself that is a problem, but it can also lead to various other serious health issues.

If it is neglected, type-2 diabetes can lead to things like insulin resistance, heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.


Here are 16 warning symptoms that show it might be time to get tested for type-2 diabetes…

  1. Constantly feeling thirsty.

Due to the high blood sugar levels during diabetes, the body becomes dehydrated. This leaves you constantly feeling thirsty.

  1. Always feeling hungry.

People with diabetes often feel hungry even directly after a meal. This should be a big flashing warning light for people who don’t know they have diabetes.

  1. Constant dry-mouth.

This is once again due to the dehydration caused by too much sugar. It leaves your mouth feeling dry the whole time.

  1. Frequently urinating.

This usually happens due to increased water intake due to constantly being thirsty.

  1. Unexplained weight loss.

Some people might think this is a good thing – but it’s not. Losing weight even while eating more can be a serious sign of diabetes.

  1. Feeling fatigued.

This is more than just your normal tired feeling. This is when you feel run-down without even doing too much.

  1. Blurry vision.

High sugar levels in the body cause damage to the blood vessels. This also affects the tiny blood vessels in the eyes. The first sign of this is blurry vision, but if it is not treated it can eventually lead to partial or even complete loss of sight.

  1. Persistent headaches

If you constantly experience unexplained headaches, lookout for some of the other symptoms. Headaches may be caused by various factors – but one of them is diabetes.

  1. Occasional loss of consciousness.

Although most people only associate this with low blood sugar, it can just as easily be caused by high blood sugar levels due to diabetes.

  1. Sores or cuts that take long to heal.

You may notice sores or cuts that just don’t seem to heal. These are often found on the feet and legs.

  1. Itchy skin.

Especially around the groin or vaginal area.

  1. Regular yeast infections.

These are common diabetes signs in women.

  1. Fluctuating body weight.

Struggling to keep a steady body weight can also be a common sign of diabetes.

  1. Acanthosis nigricans.

This is a skin condition where velvety dark skin patches appear in the neck, armpit, or groin area.

  1. Numbness, tingling, or pain in the hands and feet

Poor blood circulation goes hand-in-hand with diabetes. One of the first signs of blood flow problems is when the limbs start to feel numb or tingling, and these sensations can later turn into pain.

  1. Erectile dysfunction.

This warning sign can be very embarrassing. However, it might very well be the signs that cause a man to look at the possibility that he might suffer from diabetes.


What do I do when I have type-2 diabetes?

Diabetes complications and type-2 diabetes can be treated with certain lifestyle changes and a positive mental attitude. We recommend switching to a low GI diet, like the Manna Diet, which can help you to eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet.

Along with a healthy diet, make sure to get enough exercise. You want to get up and active at least 4 times per week, for 30 minutes at a time. By taking a supplement such as Manna Blood Sugar Support, you can help to control your blood glucose levels the natural way without any side effects. This product can also help to suppress appetite and curb food cravings for effective healthy weight loss.


Manna Blood Sugar Support for the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

One of the best natural and organic blood sugar support products, uniquely formulated Manna Blood Sugar Support helps to maintain even blood sugar levels.

Manna Blood Sugar Support is 100% organic & natural and works in a unique way by slowing down the absorption of glucose from the food you eat by up to 43%.
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What is Manna Blood Sugar Support?

Manna Blood Sugar Support is 100% organic & natural and works in a unique way by slowing down the absorption of glucose from the food you eat.


How does Manna Blood Sugar Support work?

The Manna Blood Sugar Support is a uniquely formulated, natural and organic supplement that helps to maintain even blood sugar levels.

When taken with food, Manna Blood Sugar Support gels with the food in the stomach to reduce the glycemic index of the food and drink you consume by up to 43% and therefore help to prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high.


What are the benefits of Manna Blood Sugar Support?

  • Helps to maintain balanced blood sugar levels.
  • Helps to control cravings.
  • Ensures balanced blood sugar levels to prevent diabetic health complications like foot problems.

Manna Blood Sugar Support is currently the only certified organic blood sugar support supplement in the world.

So if you experience any of the symptoms related to diabetic eye disease, or know of somebody who does, what are you waiting for?

Get those blood sugar levels under control and treat diabetic foot problems with Manna Blood Sugar Support.


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