Manna Menopause Support: Get rid of menopause symptoms naturally


Sick and tired of menopause, and just looking for something to make it stop?

Manna Menopause Support is an all-natural, all-organic way to say goodbye to menopause symptoms by targeting the root of the problem.


You’ve had enough of hot flashes…

Mood swings are driving you nuts…

You can’t seem to stop picking up weight…

And now you are losing your hair…

Then it is time to get yourself some Manna Menopause Support!


But how is Manna Menopause Support going to help me?

To answer that question you have to take a step back and ask yourself: What causes menopause symptoms?

Menopause symptoms are just the signs and side effects of menopause. And menopause is caused by changes in hormone levels in the female body – more specifically – by a decrease in the estrogen levels.


Let’s get back to how Manna Menopause Support can help you stop these symptoms…

Manna Menopause Support uses phyto-estrogens, which are plant-based estrogen, in order to simulate the natural estrogen that would usually be found in a woman’s body.

This helps to bring balance to the hormones and thus starts to eliminate symptoms by dealing directly with the root cause of the problem. 

For the most effective relief from menopause symptoms…


Follow these 3 steps:

Step #1: Eat Right

You might be picking up weight due to menopause, but a crash diet is the worst thing you can do right now… The best thing you can do is to follow a steady, balanced, and healthy eating plan in order to maintain your bodyweight and gradually shed a few pounds if that is your goal. It will also work in a synergistic manner with the Manna Menopause Support and help you reduce those symptoms.

Step #2: Exercise Daily

While exercise might be the last thing that you feel like doing when you are having hot flushes and mood swings – it might actually be the best thing to do.

Exercising helps your body function at its optimum and can help to the regulatory functions in the body. It is also a great way of relieving stress, and making sure you stay in shape when menopause tries to make you gain weight!

Step #3: Use Manna Menopause Support

We get it – it’s not always possible to get to your exercise routine during your busy day, and you definitely don’t always feel like cooking or getting healthy food after a long day, so here is a good way to cheat the system…

Forget about chemical hormone replacement supplements and therapy; go for the natural option that doesn’t have any of the negative side effects of the formerly mentioned.

The Manna Menopause Support is an all natural phyto-estrogen-based supplement that helps treat menopause and all of its symptoms by targeting the root cause.

It helps your body regulate hormones in a completely natural way using a mixture of Prosopis, Eucalyptus Extract, Soy Isoflavones, Wild Yam, Peruvian Ginseng, Calcium lactate, and Vitamin D for the best effect.  


So why wait? Get Manna Menopause Support now!

“The best product I have used so far and I’m using it for a year now. Before starting on Manna I suffered from hot flushes/ night sweats/no sleep and terrible mood swings. HRT was definitely not an option for me, so I tried Manna and it really has helped me. The fact that it’s all natural is such a plus. I won’t use anything else. Thank you, Manna, for an excellent product.” – Gwen

“Since using Manna Menopause Support I have less hair loss, sleep better and night sweats have decreased. This is a wonderful product and have recommended it to my friends.” – Liz Nowers

“I am using menopause support for a year now, and I can say it is a fantastic product. My hot flashes and night sweat is something of the past. Thanks for a great product.” – Martie

Where can you get your hands on the Manna Menopause Support?

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