Why Do We Gain Weight During Menopause?

Why Do We Gain Weight During Menopause

You’ve made it through menopause. You thought all your troubles were over. But now you are starting to gain weight.


What’s up with that?

Weight gain is a common sight during menopause, but why does it happen after menopause?

To simplify the answer, it comes down to decreased insulin levels and age-related factors.

  1. A decrease in estrogen:

When estrogen levels go down, so do your physical activity levels and metabolic rate. It seems the only thing going up is your urge to eat! It is also suggested that a lack of estrogen can cause your body to use blood sugar and starch less effectively than it should, which leads to extra fat storage.

And what happens after menopause? That’s right – your estrogen levels drop severely.

  1. Age-related factors:

As women age, other changes also happen which can cause weight gain…

      • You become less likely to exercise.

This is not the situation in all cases, but more than 60% of women are not active enough, and this number just goes up with age.

      • You lose muscle mass.

Muscle helps increase your resting metabolism which means you burn more fat even when you are not exercising. When you age and lose muscle mass, this does not happen.

      • The rate at which you burn energy during exercise declines.

When you burn enough energy during exercise, you eventually burn fat. As you become older, you have to work much harder to reach this level and start to burn fat.


So what can I do about menopause and weight gain?

As with any other health problem, prevention is better than cure.

  1. Exercise to lose weight, but also to keep it off:

The more you exercise the less weight you’re likely to gain. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you should not stop exercising once you have reached a weight that you are happy with. Always keep active and maintain a healthy exercise routine.

Apart from helping you lose weight, exercise after menopause can also help:

      • Lower the risk of osteoporosis.
      • Lower the risks of metabolic syndrome, heart attack, and other cardiovascular diseases.
      • Improve and reverse insulin resistance.
      • Keep joints and muscles strong.
      • Help you keep a regular bowel movement.
      • Relieve depression and anxiety.
      • Improve your overall health.
  1. A healthy, sustainable diet:

Other healthy habits, such as eating well, are also crucial at this time of life. But it is important to realize that this does not mean jumping from one crash diet to the next. It is a sustainable way of eating. We recommend the Manna Diet as a healthy lifestyle-type diet.

  1. Manna Menopause Support:

The Manna Menopause Support was formulated with the correct balance of phyto-estrogens and vitamins to help increase estrogen levels the natural way. The increase of estrogens can help to conquer menopausal hot flashes.

Using it along with the right dietary choices and exercise routine can help you take menopause and turn it into a great lifestyle changing opportunity!

Natural supplements, like the Manna Menopause Support, can be a safe and effective treatment option, because it does not have the threat of cancer risk like hormone replacement therapies.

The Manna Menopause Support supplement is a completely natural supplement that helps your body to increase estrogen levels the natural way without any side effects.

The Manna Menopause Support was formulated with phyto-estrogens, soy isoflavones, calcium and vitamin D to help curb menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.

Manna Menopause Support helps to

      • Relief hot flushes, leaving you feeling less sweaty
      • Balance mood fluctuation
      • Increase energy levels, helping you get through the day easier
      • Increase Libido
      • Reverse vaginal dryness
      • Deeper Sleep
      • Improve memory and brain function
      • Helps to manage stress
      • Help increase stamina
      • Helps reduce osteoporosis


Don’t Believe us? See what our customers say.

“The best product I have used so far and I’m using it for a year now. Before starting on Manna I suffered from hot flushes/ night sweats/no sleep and terrible mood swings. HRT was definitely not an option for me, so I tried Manna and it really has helped me. The fact that it’s all natural is such a plus. I won’t use anything else. Thank you, Manna, for an excellent product.” – Gwen

“Since using Manna Menopause Support I have less hair loss, sleep better and night sweats have decreased. This is a wonderful product and have recommended it to my friends.” – Liz Nowers

“I am using menopause support for a year now, and I can say it is a fantastic product. My hot flashes and night sweat is something of the past. Thanks for a great product.” – Martie

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