6 Ways to Curb Menopause Sugar Cravings

6 Ways to Curb Menopausal Sugar Cravings

Menopause can be a difficult thing even at the best of times with raging hormones, hot flashes, night sweats, and then to top it all off – sugar cravings!

It is natural to crave sugar since this is often our first choice when we seek comfort food. However, too much sugar can make your menopausal symptoms much worse.


Why are sugar cravings worse during menopause?

The reason for sugar cravings during menopause can be traced to stress. Stress is caused when the body releases the stress hormone called cortisone, which triggers an adrenaline rush which causes the body to use a lot more energy as it is in “fight or flight” mode.

This is why you crave sugar in particular, as the body knows this is the quickest way to get a quick energy boost.


Why is this a bad thing?

The downside is that sugar will then cause your blood sugar level to shoot up high, and then drop down low very quickly. It is quite obvious that this then leads to a vicious cycle, leaving you constantly craving sugar.

The best way to avoid this catastrophe is by splitting your 3 balanced meals per day into 5 or 6 smaller ones. This means that you can maintain more stable levels of energy as you are gaining energy from healthy sources throughout the day.


How can I stop sugar cravings?

Here are 6 simple tips for dealing with menopausal sugar cravings…

  1. Eat snacks that are rich in protein

Foods like nuts, seeds, and avocados are all perfect snacks when you’re on a diet. Eating protein helps keep your blood sugar stable enough to carry you to the next meal without cravings.

2. Always keep your hands busy

Usually, cravings strike when you are bored or sitting still. Sometimes all you need to avoid them is a good distraction. You can keep yourself busy with a hobby, doing some work, or best of all – doing some exercise.

3. Read the product label

Before you buy something, take a look at the ingredients list. It will give you a basic idea of how suitable a product is.  The main thing to look out for is sugar. Sugar and sugar cravings are one of the biggest problems. Look for things like corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, lactose, maltose, and honey. These are all just sugar in disguise.

  1. Choose complex carbs over simple carbs

Not all carbs are made equally. The carbs that you should be avoiding are called refined carbohydrates. They are found in things like cakes, cookies, ice cream, soft drinks, packets of chips, and all kinds of other foods.

You do need to have some carbs in your diet, but it is much better to go for complex carbs. These aren’t absorbed into the bloodstream so quickly, so they do not cause too many problems with the sugar levels in your body.

  1. Watch out for artificial sweeteners

Be very careful of sugar alternatives. These are often even more harmful than regular sugar. You may think they are the perfect way to quench your sugar craving, but usually, they make them even worse. If you do want something sweet, opt for natural replacements namely Stevia and Xylitol.

6. Take Manna Menopause Support

The best way to treat menopause symptoms is by doing so at the root of the problem. As with most of the other menopausal symptoms, night sweats can be treated effectively by treating the decrease of estrogen using the Manna Menopause Support.

The Manna Menopause Support supplement was formulated with essential ingredients which are well known for reducing menopausal symptoms because it helps to increase estrogen levels in the most natural way possible, without any side effects.


We get it – it’s not always possible to get to your exercise routine during your busy day, and you definitely don’t always feel like cooking or getting healthy food after a long day, so here is a good way to cheat the system…

Forget about chemical hormone replacement supplements and therapy; go for the natural option that doesn’t have any of the negative side effects of the formerly mentioned.

Natural supplements, like the Manna Menopause Support, can be a safe and effective treatment option, because it does not have the threat of cancer risk like hormone replacement therapies.

The Manna Menopause Support was formulated with phyto-estrogens, soy isoflavones, calcium, and vitamin D to help curb menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings and night sweats.

Manna Menopause Support helps to

  • Relief hot flushes, leaving you feeling less sweaty
  • Balance mood fluctuation
  • Increase energy levels, helping you get through the day easier
  • Increase Libido
  • Reverse vaginal dryness
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Improve memory and brain function
  • Helps to manage stress
  • Help increase stamina
  • Helps reduce osteoporosis

The Manna Menopause Support is an all-natural phyto-estrogen-based supplement that helps treat menopause and all of its symptoms by targeting the root cause.

It helps your body regulate hormones in a completely natural way using a mixture of Prosopis, Eucalyptus Extract, Soy Isoflavones, Wild Yam, Peruvian Ginseng, Calcium lactate, and Vitamin D for the best effect.


What are you waiting for?

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